Chemical Resistant Nitrile Glove

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Our in-house modern production plant allows us to offer great quality options to appeal to your target customers. As a manufacturer or supplier, you can trust that our streamlined manufacturing processes are here to provide you with the best products in the market.

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The company’s glove factory can produce blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, black,  and other colores resistant nitrile gloves. As an experienced latex glove supplier, we can meet the special needs of the protection industry.

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For twelve years, AIBON has been a trusted and professional nitrile glove manufacturing companies, a reliable cooperative resistant nitrile glove manufacturer. We provide the highest quality products at very low cost. This enables us to work with you to ensure that you can also offer your customers great prices.

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Product Color Customization

We can design the product and develop mold according to the requirements, also we can customize the color of the product per customer ,such us yellow ,orange ,pink ,blue ,green ,purple and ect .

OEM Brand Customization

We can design according to the requirements and customize OEM customer brand on the pp bag and the carton box or other packing material , including material, color, thickness and test requirements. 

More than 2,050 companies from 35 countries trust us, the count is increasing.
We’ve been working with Aibon Safety for almost 3 years and their responsiveness has been very fast, especially with their impressive team of develop experts  who have helped me save too much money !
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They are great team. It is lucky that we have been in cooperation for 5 years. Always with best solutions and vaule service for us ,we become TOP 3 from small company in our local market from them support .
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Custom Industrial Maintenance Nitrile Gloves

If you are looking for some oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant gloves for industrial processing operations, nitrile gloves are the most durable industrial operation gloves, and AIBON’s nitrile gloves are your solution. They use gloves for different scenarios and different contact objects. These are a one-stop solution for all your industrial repair work needs.

food grade nitrile glove

Custom food processing nitrile gloves

The characteristics of oil resistance of nitrile gloves, especially durable, safe and food-contactable gloves, are widely used in food processing, such as fruits and vegetables, meat, fatty food, etc., very suitable for all your cleaning related needs.

nitrile gloves wholesale

Custom Nitrile Gloves Auto Repair Industry

The durability of nitrile gloves can be applied to the manufacture and repair of automobiles and other similar work. It can not only repair and handle large machines, but also handle the maintenance work of various small equipment. Use protective gloves for popular maintenance.

Get Nitrile Glove in bulk step by step

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As a wholesale supplier of professional nitrile gloves, AIBON serves customers by responding to their inquiries in less than 12 hours. If you have any questions about order specifications or order delivery, please do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer.

Customized Nitrile Gloves for you

AIBON is known for manufacturing custom gloves according to customer needs. No matter what color, length, weight or size you want your nitrile gloves to be, AIbon has a unique design for you.

Achieving efficient nitrile manufacturing

AIBON’s glove manufacturing process is very efficient. The final product excels in durability, safety, performance and meets your needs.

Satisfy gloves based on your requirement

Whatever your requirements, be it household latex gloves, nitrile gloves, industrial latex, disposable gloves or any of them, AIBON’s gloves will not impress you as a buyer.

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Wholesale nitrile glove price

Get the most durable, fancy, and long lasting nitrile glove at the most affordable prices.

Fast production turn-around

Aibon serves its customers with a really great production speed. Order today, get the bulk delivered in almost no time.

Free nitrile glove samples

You can also receive free nitrile glove samples for your perusal and at your convenience.

Low minimum quantity

With Aibon, you don’t need to worry about a high minimum quantity to be purchased at every nitrile glove wholesale order.

High nitrile glove quality

The manufacturer has expertise in serving its customers with long-lasting nitrile glove of the best quality.

Worry-free after sales service

Once a customer, always a customer. Aibon’s after sales services are praised by its customers for year’s.

How to Make Nitrile Gloves Step by Step ?

# 1 Raw Materials For Making Nitrile Glove

The raw materials we mainly use to make latex gloves are natural latex, calcium carbonate, color, wheat starch, anti-aging agent, ZAC dispersant, etc. These materials are mixed in specific proportions to make latex gloves. However, other types of latex gloves such as nitrile are made of synthetic nitrile rubber, and natural rubber is a natural degradable raw material.

industrial nitrile glove package

#2 Ingredients Process for Making

The raw materials we mainly use to make nitrile gloves are synthetic nitrile rubber,calcium carbonate, color, wheat starch, anti-aging agent, ZAC dispersant, etc. These materials are mixed in specific proportions to make nitrile gloves. However, other types of latex gloves such natural latex are made of  natural rubber is a natural degradable raw material.

nitrile glove production

#3 Cleaning Line Tanks and Moulds

Cleaning the mold is a very important job that can reduce the rate of defective gloves. After cleaning the moulds, a layer of coagulant needs to be placed on the moulds, similar to a protective film, so that the nitrile glue will stick to the moulds. In production, we also need nitrile, calcium carbonate, pigments, wheat starch, antioxidants, ZAC dispersant, etc., the materials are mixed in a specific ratio to make nitrile gloves .

nitrile glove production line

#4 Dip Moulds into Glove Forming Process

After the mixing and stirring of the raw materials is completed, the residual paint in the steel tank of the production line is cleaned and rinsed with a brush and cleaning, so as to avoid smudges and the glue left from the last time sticking to the abrasive tool. This is a very important job.

All our cleanings all ,Their speed settings are controlled by our engineers to achieve uniform operation, and the abrasives are cleaned more cleanly.

nitrile glove produce

#5 Crimping and drying processes in household glove making

After the strict molding process, the gloves are heated and formed, and then enter the curling. The speed of the instrument’s operation ensures the neatness of the curling. The machine automatically falls off the equipment, and finally enters the drying equipment for surface water treatment. Achieving clean and fresh.

nitrile glove produce

#6 Inspection and Packaging

After the strict molding process, the gloves are heated and formed, and then enter the curling. The speed of the instrument’s operation ensures the neatness of the curling. The machine automatically falls off the equipment, and finally enters the drying equipment for surface water treatment. Achieving clean and fresh.

industrial nitrile glove package

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Nitrile Glove Companies in China

AIBON is a leading manufacturer and supplier of customized household latex gloves and nitrile latex gloves in China. We have more than 12 years of experience in the sale of nitrile gloves. Therefore, our company is capable of producing glove products suitable for industrial machinery manufacturing and repair processing as well as household cleaning products. To meet the different needs of customers, we provide customized options as well as design and logistics services. If you would like to learn more about our products and services, please contact us today!

Chemical resistant nitrile glove manufacture at Aibon

Aibon is a reputable household latex gloves and chemical resistant nitrile gloves company, not only providing affordable nitrile gloves for sale, but also customizing services for our customers, including color, gram, size, packaging, and ect. This enables us to use our own nitrile factory to produce nitrile gloves that meet your specific requirements. Our products have the following advantages:


#1 Ideal for automated demolding lines

Enterprises with higher production requirements with automatic demolding production lines can complete automatic integrated molding, which greatly reduces the increase in labor costs and the increase in defective rate due to manual operations. The starch was seen sticking to the glove granules.

#2 Made of Natural Nitrile Non-Toxic Materials

The natural latex material is 100% BPA free, free of dangerous chemicals and toxic substances, and the nitrile can be naturally degraded, 100% environmentally friendly material, which can reduce the harm to nature and allow you to use it with confidence.

#3 Customizable Design ,weight ,colors

AIBON’s Nitrile Gloves are available in customizable weights, sizes, colors and packaging. Therefore, we can easily design gloves to match your specific application. Although green is the most common color, we also provide different colors for customization .

#4  Food cleaning and industrial equipment maintenance, auto repair, etc.

You can use our nitrile latex gloves for cleaning and maintenance, because they have a stable chemical structure, anti-oil, anti-acid and other chemicals and gases are excluded to protect our hands.

#4 Provide one-stop glove wholesale business

AIBON also provides wholesale of different kinds of gloves for our gloves, providing you with one-stop wholesale and retail business of all gloves, solving all household cleaning and protective gloves troub.

Chemical resistant nitrile glove wholease at Aibon

When you want to buy wholesale nitrile gloves, household latex gloves, industrial latex gloves, PVC household gloves, PE gloves and other disposable gloves in China, our years of glove manufacturing experience make us the perfect partner. We offer a wide range of gloves including household, nitrile, industrial, PVC and disposable gloves. For our gloves, depending on where you are using them, we can always have them.

The advantages of nitrile rubber material

The nitrile gloves we manufacture have many advantages over other materials, especially in the food and industrial manufacturing and repair services industries. Due to the stable chemical structure of the product, nitrile gloves prove to be very useful in food cleaning, it is resistant to oil stains and chemical corrosion, and also keeps external elements such as acid and alkali out. Therefore, nitrile gloves are the first choice for labor protection.

Starting from your market positioning, you can customize the nitrile gloves that detonate your market, and can design the weight, color, packaging, etc. It uses functional characteristics to make them more attractive and protective to consumers, and can be used in the color of the gloves. Design, different weights achieve different touch. Increase brand awareness with AIBON’s customized glove products.

What thickness and colors are available?

Impressive products with our nitrile gloves. Nitrile gloves can have a variety of thickness, size, color, length and packaging design, which may depend on the popular color, thickness, etc. in your local market, usually the thickness of gloves is divided into 8mil, 11mil, 13mil, 15mil, 18mil, 22mil, 26mil , the color is also divided into many, of course, green and blue are the best-selling .

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