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The lighest thickness kitchen rubber glove

In this blog post ,you'll read: The lower the weight of the glove, the better the fit with the hand

Do you want try the lighest thickness kitchen washing glove ?

Orange color glove for washing dishes is most popular glove in the world ,you will can easy see in your local market ,this color is bright and colorful , people love it very much .

And this kitchen rubber glove holder ,the lighest weight from 30g for M size , that means L size weight only have 32g per pair ,it is very lightest . The average weight of a IPHONE is around 180g, but This glove for washing dishes only have 32 grams , you can imagine how thin they are.

When we wear it, it is very easy to grasp the items and protect the hands. At the same time, the gloves have a very smooth protective film. It is very easy to wear and gives a very comfortable feeling.
If you don’t really like the gloves to be wrapped too thick, You can choose this kind of thin and light gloves, please note that the weight of a pair of gloves is only 32g, it is really thin, you deserve it.

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