Can nitrile gloves cause allergy?

In daily life and work environments, nitrile gloves are widely used as protective tools because they do not contain proteins, hydroxyl chemicals, or other harmful substances and are hypoallergenic. Compared with latex gloves, The probability of allergies to latex is lower. However, due to different personal constitutions and specific circumstances, allergies to nitrile gloves may still occur.

Why do people have allergies to nitrile gloves? What are the reasons for these allergies?

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Causes of allergies to nitrile gloves

Allergic to nitrile rubber itself

Regarding allergies to nitrile rubber itself: Nitrile gloves are made from composite material, processed, and manufactured using nitrile rubber. Therefore, if there is an existing allergy to nitrile rubber, it may lead to allergic reactions when using nitrile gloves.

For other additives in gloves

Regarding additives in gloves: In addition to the main material, nitrile rubber, nitrile gloves require the addition of other substances and chemicals such as preservatives, dyes, lubricants, etc. Some individuals may also develop allergic reactions to these additional agents, leading to allergic responses to nitrile gloves.

Have a history of allergies

Some individuals have a history of allergies, so even though the materials inside nitrile gloves may not be inherently allergenic, people with a history of allergies may still experience allergic reactions.

Different body types for each person

Everyone’s physical condition is unique, which can result in varying degrees of sensitivity and bodily reactions to chemical substances. Therefore, even with the same type of gloves, the reactions experienced by individuals after contact may differ.

How to prevent allergies to nitrile gloves?

Understanding whether nitrile gloves can cause allergies and the reasons for allergies, how can one prevent allergies to nitrile gloves?                

Allergy testing required

If an individual has a history of allergies or believes they may have an allergic reaction to nitrile gloves, it is advisable to undergo allergen testing.

Learn about glove ingredients

Thoroughly understanding the ingredient information of the selected nitrile gloves through the ingredient list can provide better insights into preventing glove allergies.

Change gloves regularly:

Wearing the same gloves for an extended period increases the risk of allergies. If the gloves become damaged or damp inside, it can lead to the growth of microorganisms, further elevating the risk of glove allergies. Therefore, regular replacement of gloves is essential.

Consult a doctor:

Regarding how to prevent glove allergies, the best approach is to consult a doctor. Doctors can make assessments based on your circumstances.

How to deal with allergies to nitrile gloves?

Stop using and consult a doctor

If allergic reactions, such as itching, redness, or other symptoms occur while wearing nitrile gloves, it is crucial to immediately stop using the nitrile gloves and seek advice from a doctor.

Looking for alternatives:

If a doctor confirms that you are indeed allergic to nitrile gloves or the components used in making them, it is advisable not to continue using nitrile gloves. Instead, opting for other gloves that are suitable and pose no harm to your body is a wise choice.

As mentioned above, although nitrile gloves are considered low-allergenic, allergic reactions to nitrile gloves are not impossible. Therefore, based on individual differences, constitution, allergy history, and accurate medical assessments from doctors, it is important to understand whether one may be allergic to nitrile gloves.

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