PVC Household glove

Parameters of PVC Household glove

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Vinyl gloves have a good touch, and can protect hands and skin from harm, and have a longer life span than latex gloves

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70g – 90g


S, M, L, XL


32+-1 cm

Normal Packing

1 pair / pp bag , 12 pairs / transparent bag , 240 pairs per carton
1 pair / pp bag , 12 pairs / transparent bag , 144 pairs per carton
Can be customized

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Shanghai , Ningbo

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Deatails of PVC Household glove

Application of Vinyl Household Gloves :
•Gardening, Household Chores, General Maintenance, Janitorial & Cleaning ,Light industry,Agricultural, Sanitation departments for daily life to protect hands, such as in window cleaning ,gardening, dish washing, car cleaning, office cleaning , Construction, Refuse Collection ,General Handling, Warehousing, Component Handing,Automotive and so on .

Features of Vinyl Household Gloves :

  • Cost cheaper than latex material 20%.
  • PVC resistant to abrasions, oil, acids, chemicals and caustics special liquid resistant, gauntlet smell harmless, nontoxic, acid-resistant.
  • Strength well and durable, good isolation beaded cuff, designed exquisitely to fit human hand shape, ambidextrous toeither hands; touch softly and wear comfortable .
  • High-temperature resistant.
  • Can be washed and used repeatedlywith dry and wet .

Caution :

  • Don’t touch sharp things
  • Don’t use directly on the fire or high temperature place.
  • After use, put it in the place with good ventilation and make it dry to prepare for use of next time

How to determine your glove size ?

  • Measure (in cm) around your hand with a tape measure at the place on the diagram shown at the right .You should use your dominant hand ,the right if you are right-handed ,and the left if you are left-handed .
  • Translate this measurement to your glove size ( Small, Medium ,Large ,XL-Large ,XXL-Large ) using the sizing guide on the item you are interested in .

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