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AIBON has been engaged in the manufacturing  and exporting of latex gloves and nitrile gloves for 12 years . We engaged in the production and distribution a broad range of latex glove and nitrile glove products .

Our main products are household rubber glove ,chemical resistant nitrile glove ,industrial latex glove ,pvc household glove ,PE glove, disposable vinyl glove, disposable nitrile glove we are your loyal partner.We not only deliver products, but with our reputation, promise, service, added value.To help our partners save the paying on costs, time and reduce the risks to consider any new suppliers, we can well provide a package products service or sourcing service for your different glove products. 

Household Rubber Glove

Chemical Resistant Nitrile Glove

Heave Duty Industrial Latex Glove

PVC Household GLove

Manufacturer Household Latex Glove & Nitrile Chemical glove & pvc glove

As a professional manufacturer of latex gloves, we provide customized latex gloves of different types, grammage, colors, sizes, lengths according to needs and desired content.

All products are made of high-quality and durable materials, and use advanced automatic production equipment and skilled operators, professional QC inspects each glove to ensure that each glove meets the standard, and the minimum order quantity is 1000 pairs, which can be To meet the requirements of different customer groups, our product line can meet your needs.

One-stop solution for household latex glove

We not only manufacture household latex gloves, we also provide a series of glove solutions, they can meet the needs of different industries, the appropriate product structure to complement the needs of customers and the market, to help my customers grow is our goal, Because of this, we can continue to develop for a long time.

Not only different kinds of gloves are available, but also different grammage, colors, sizes, lengths, needs, depending on what is needed and what is required. From latex gloves, nitrile gloves, pvc gloves and disposable gloves, our product line meets your needs.

Consult your AIBON Household and Industrial Latex Gloves & Nitrile Glove & PVC Household Glove Expert

We help you avoid the pitfalls of delivering quality and value household latex glove and chemical resistant nitrile gloves on time and on budget.