Unlined Household Latex Glove

Unlined Household Latex Glove

Unlined Household latex gloves fit the hands better and are more suitable for the summer climate. The manufacture of household latex gloves is attractive to consumers. AIBON provides different kinds of gloves such as unlined, dipped , spray flocklined, etc. Our 100% eco-friendly and degradable household latex gloves in light lining, our gloves have different grammage, color and packaging design, their grammage is from 40g to 80g, you can choose the weight, color and size that best suits your needs. What’s more, our unlined household latex gloves are made of natural latex, which is very environmentally friendly and better protects your hands.


Nonetheless, consumers should feel confident using AIBON latex gloves as they are made from lead-free, mercury-free and high-quality natural latex materials. Also, if you need something that is not on the list, feel free to contact us. We can help you customize household latex glove.

Boost your business with customization Latex Glove Manufacturer

We have a team of innovative designers who are well-equipped to customize any design to your liking.

Rubber Glove Weight

We offer 40g, 45g, 50g, 55g, 60g , 65g, 70g, 75g ,80g….120g unlined household latex glove wholesale ,you are also welcome to order larger custom weight whenever you need them.rs.

Rubber Glove Colors

We manufacturer all different kinds of colors, the top-selling yellows that showcase your favorite colors to consumers.If you prefer other colors, we support customized colors.

Rubber Glove Length

300mm length provides better protection for arms, embossed handles prevent slipping, custom extended gloves up to 38cm, 50cm for better arm protection。

Rubber Gloves Category

We provide unlined, dipped, spray flocked household gloves and long-sleeved and extra-long latex household gloves. Produce different kinds of gloves according to the most popular gloves in your market. Provide you full service from concept to launch and tailored design and your market. 

Latex Glove Fragrance

In response to the needs of different customers in the market, we have developed gloves with different fragrances, such as lemon, aloe vera, orange, etc., to meet the needs of the market has always been our pursuit, our gloves can be used for men or women in different cleaning places. 

Latex Glove Packaging Options

We provide a variety of packaging OPP bags and composite bags (opp&cpp, opp&cpe, opp&tpp), short, long of different sizes and materials, and provide color printing and brown carton different options, our design and sales team is ready to help You have found the perfect package.

Supply Wholesale Latex Gloves For Cleaning

AIBON provides customized color, gram weight and packaging design, and can always grasp the market trend to provide customers with the most professional product knowledge and the most cutting-edge industry consulting, provide customized services for your market, and always maintain product research, Products are constantly being upgraded and optimized, and we have optimized our product line this year to ensure that we continue to be competitive.
We have been in the glass bottle industry for over 12 years and have extensive knowledge of the glove industry. You can count on us to provide gloves that fit your needs.

Our gloves can be used in other applications including:

Cleaning in Kitchen

Our unlined household latex gloves are very suitable for wearing. The latex content can be customized from 60%,70%80%,90%,95% ,They are smoother inside and out. In other words , they are velvet-free and smoother. They are available in a variety of latex contents and are more popular in tropical climate countries such as South America,such us Mexico, Ecuador and ect.

household latex glove small medium large size

Cleaning Food

AIBON unlined latex gloves can be reused in restaurants and food processing plants, including meat, shrimp, and various food processing. We are a supplier of wholesale latex gloves to numerous manufacturers. Our customers include large and small businesses that benefit from our low MOQ of 1000 pairs. In addition, the reusability of our unlined Household Latex Gloves makes it suitable for brands looking to manage costs and maintain eco-friendly practices.

Best-in-Class Latex Glove Factory

Aibon safety rubber gloves factory is a professional manufacturer that adheres to a strong sustainable and environmentally friendly policy. We use natural latex raw materials and produce 100% degradable gloves to ensure our environment is safe.

Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment in the industry, professional formulations, and automatic mold release industrial production, which allows us to manufacture all glove production in-house and ensure they are of the highest quality.

All factory operations are carried out under the guidance of our dedicated glove manufacturing experts. Each pair of gloves is carefully inspected prior to shipment to ensure they meet our stringent quality and international standards.

Fulfill Made-to-Order Wholesale Rubber Glove

Do you need a custom color, weight or length of latex gloves? Or maybe you want a limited-edition design for your branding event? Search no more. AIBON is the right latex glove maker for the job.

We provide high quality latex gloves wholesale with custom packaging bags and outer boxes. Feel free to show us your sketches and ideas, or develop new design concepts with the help of our design team. We guarantee professional service along with short turnaround times and a low MOQ of only 1000 pairs of gloves.

OEM cusomerized

Still not finding what you're looking for? Contact our consultants for more available products.

Why choose Aibon rubber glove ?

household glove
Package design from concept to commercialization

Our team of designer experts handles packaging and design solutions from start to finish to meet any business need. They combine product design and visual branding, working with you to create the perfect design for your product that consumers love, along with matching colors and packaging.

nitrile glove
Customized color and weight

Our skilled glove artisans work with the design team to turn design concepts into reality. Utilizing process techniques such as dipping and spray, they create gloves that are delicate and soft, and that grab the attention of their target market.

industrial latex glove
Fully automated production equipment and packaging supply chain

We continuously research and reduce costs through internal optimization processes. Reduce transportation costs by purchasing supporting peripherals to avoid delays caused by lack of actual delivery. It also reduces manufacturing time and overall cost by reducing shipping time across multiple warehouses.

nitrile glove
Warehousing, logistics, and inventory solutions

We provide assistance with inventory management through the use of our order system and delivery options. The minimum order quantity of the product is 1000 pairs, and the product is delivered on time to ensure the completion of the order. We also manage inventory and logistics to ensure we have stock of common products available for faster delivery.

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China rubber gloves supplier

Aibon safety is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale latex gloves and disposable gloves in China. Our exquisite latex gloves are both eco-friendly and hand-friendly, and are available in different weights, colors, lengths, etc., to better understand the needs of market customers. We offer a variety of sizes and packaging to give your product a premium look.

Enhance your brand image and grow your business with our affordable and unique wholesale latex gloves. Contact us now and we can help your cleaning gloves explode the market.

Unique Rubber Glove Wholesale at Aibon

As one of the most trusted suppliers of latex gloves in China, AIBON also accepts wholesale purchases for businesses looking to cut expenses. Our own glove factory can produce nearly 120,000 pairs of latex gloves every day. They are not only suitable for household cleaning products, but also for industry and manufacturing. We have been producing various glass products for over 12 years, so we can guarantee the safety and reliability of our latex gloves with the following advantages:

Latex gloves manufacturer

By choosing AIBON as your wholesale latex gloves manufacturer and supplier, you can reduce your operating expenses while enjoying the benefits that our cleaning products can bring you. Our ISO certified factory uses modern technology and craftsmanship to produce high quality latex gloves that meet customer standards. With over 5 years of glass container manufacturing experience, you can trust us to meet your different packaging needs. Here are the advantages our latex gloves offer:


#1 Ideal for automated demolding lines

Enterprises with higher production requirements with automatic demolding production lines can complete automatic integrated molding, which greatly reduces the increase in labor costs and the increase in defective rate due to manual operations. The starch was seen sticking to the glove granules.


#2 Made of Natural Biodegradable Non-Toxic Materials

The natural latex material is 100% BPA free, free of dangerous chemicals and toxic substances, and the natural latex can be naturally degraded, 100% environmentally friendly material, which can reduce the harm to nature and allow you to use it with confidence.


#3 Customizable Design

We can customize latex gloves in different grammage, color, variety, size, length, fragrance, packaging to create your unique gloves to help build brand awareness. We offer customization services to enhance the visual appeal of your product packaging.


#4 Provide one-stop glove wholesale business

AIBON also provides wholesale of different kinds of gloves for our gloves, providing you with one-stop wholesale and retail business of all gloves, solving all household cleaning and protective gloves troubles

Buy Household Latex Gloves in Bulk

AIBON manufactures a wide range of latex gloves suitable for household cleaning and food processing. Our products include wholesale unlined ,dip flocklined ,spray flocklined cleaning latex gloves, we also provide various latex content 60%, 70%, 80%….95% latex content, different weights 40g, 50g, 60g. …120g and different lengths of 30cm, 38cm, 50cm household latex gloves, in addition to household latex gloves, we also provide a series of latex gloves, such as industrial latex gloves, acid and alkali resistant nitrile gloves, pvc household cleaning gloves, and Disposable gloves.

Gloves can choose different colors and different weights, you can choose according to your own preferences. For our services, we offer design and customization services to ensure we meet your business needs. Our modern factory also produces other gloves, including gloves that can be used in industry, food industry, fishing, manufacturing and processing industries. It can be said that AIBON is a one-stop solution for your glove needs. You can also order gloves in bulk at wholesale prices for a better buying experience.

Consult your AIBON Household Latex Gloves & Nitrile Glove Expert

We help you avoid the pitfalls of delivering quality and value household latex glove and chemical resistant nitrile gloves on time and on budget.