Commercial Fishing Gloves

Commercial Fishing Gloves

Custom Commercial Fishing Gloves Supplier in China

Aibon is committed to producing and innovating perfect gloves for global customers, providing one-stop glove solutions. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is very important for anglers and fishermen. Today, fishing gloves are becoming more and more popular in commercial fishing. popular. These gloves are designed to help handle fish and help them protect living creatures.

When choosing commercial fishing gloves for workers, be sure to choose gloves that are cut-resistant, non-slip, waterproof, and comfortable. Gloves made of sturdy, abrasion-resistant materials are also necessary to keep your hands dry and warm when working in water.

Aibon provides a variety of gloves for commercial fishing. Whether they are made of latex、nitrile material or PVC material, commercial fishing gloves can meet your requirements. These gloves can fully protect your hands and have a certain degree of flexibility. They have different options —Materials, dimensions, thickness, and functionality. At Aibon, you can discover the ideal solution for your glove needs.

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Foam Latex Fish Glove
Foam Latex Fish Glove
Latex Fish Glove
Latex Fish Glove
Smooth Nitrile Fish Glove
Smooth Nitrile Fish Glove
Wrinkle Latex Fish Glove
Wrinkle Latex Fish Glove
PVC Acid Resistant Fish Glove
PVC Acid Resistant Fish Glove
PVC Chemical Resistant Fish Glove
PVC Chemical Resistant Fish Glove
PVC Oil-resistant Glove
PVC Oil-resistant Glove
PVC Winter Fish Glove
PVC Winter Fish Glove
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Features of Commercial Fishing Gloves

  • 100% waterproof
  • Dual thumb crotch
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Flexible in a cold environment
  • Excellent grip
  • Puncture Resistance
  • Durability
  • Waterproof&Comfort
  • Tough and reliable gloves for fishing
Features of Commercial Fishing Gloves

Why Use Hand Protective Gloves for Commercial Fishing?


In commercial fishing, it is important to use gloves. It can help fishermen handle fish from sharp objects, hooks, etc., while some fishing activities involve handling chemicals, bait or cleaning agents. Gloves prevent direct contact with these substances, reducing the risk of skin irritation or chemical burns. The deck of a fishing boat can become slippery due to water, fish slime, etc. Wearing gloves fishing gloves helps maintain a firm grip on the equipment, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries, etc. Commercial fishing is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. One of the things.

Commercial fisheries workers consider the unique challenges and hazards they face on the job. In many areas, there are regulations and safety standards that require the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves, in commercial fisheries. Adherence to these regulations is critical to worker safety and regulatory compliance.

Overall, protective gloves are an important part of personal protective equipment for commercial fishery workers. They play a vital role in preventing injuries, promoting worker safety and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Aibon commercial fishing gloves provide you with the perfect solution.


How To Choose The Right Commercial Fishing Gloves?


Choosing the right commercial fishing gloves for different workplaces involves considering specific factors based on the nature of the job. Here are some suggestions for choosing gloves in different commercial fishing environments:

Deep sea and offshore fishing:
Waterproof design: Considering prolonged exposure to water, choose gloves with a waterproof design to keep your hands dry and choose gloves made of breathable materials to keep your hands warm
Cut and puncture resistant: Choose gloves that are highly cut and puncture resistant, as deep-sea fishing involves handling sharp objects and fish.
Enhanced grip: Fishing offshore can involve handling fish that slide easily. Choose gloves with enhanced grip to maintain control.

Fish processing:
Chemical Resistance: When handling detergents or chemicals during fish processing, give preference to gloves with chemical-resistant coatings.
Easy to clean: Choose gloves that are easy to clean and disinfect to maintain hygiene between tasks.

Net and trap handling:
Abrasion Resistance: Given the abrasive nature of handling nets and traps, choose gloves with high abrasion resistance for increased durability.
Flexibility: For tasks that require precision, such as handling small traps or tying knots, fingerless gloves may be suitable

Working with hook and line:
Cut-resistant material: Choose gloves with cut-resistant material to protect against injury when handling hooks and lines.
Finger dexterity: Choose gloves that offer good finger dexterity for handling small items such as hooks.

Waterproofing and Insulation: Trawling often involves exposure to water and cooler temperatures. Choose waterproof and insulated gloves for comfort and protection.
Extended cuffs: Gloves with extended cuffs provide extra coverage and keep moisture out.

Lobster and crab fishing:
Puncture Resistance: Given the sharp shells of crustaceans, gloves with excellent puncture resistance are preferred.
Grip Properties: Gloves with enhanced grip properties are essential for handling crustaceans that tend to slip.

Long line fishing:
Durability: Long line fishing involves handling heavy duty poles and equipment. Choose gloves made from durable materials that are reinforced in high-pressure areas for increased durability.
Resist wear and tear: Gloves that resist wear and tear.




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