Factory Tour

Factory Tour

Complete Household rubber glove and nitrile chemical glove Solution

Aibonsafety provides a complete one-stop glove solution. We ensure that every pair of latex gloves are 100% inspected before delivery. Our factory has also passed the BSCI certification, and our products have also passed the CE approval. Our production process includes:


You Quality We Care, You Protect Family, We Protect You!

Aibonsafety offers a comprehensive, all-in-one glove solution to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on a meticulous quality control system that covers every aspect, from raw material management to a final AQL4.0 inspection before shipping. In addition, our factory has obtained BSCI certification, and our products have received CE approval, further affirming our commitment to quality and safety.

Our production process is marked by stringent quality checks:

  • We have a dedicated production line for random inspections, ensuring that quality is monitored at every stage.
  • Each glove undergoes a thorough 100% inspection before being packaged.
  • Our Quality Assurance (QA) team conducts random inspections as part of the packaging process.
  • Our warehouse team also performs random checks to guarantee that the highest standards are maintained.

At Aibonsafety, quality is our priority, and we take every step necessary to deliver gloves that meet or exceed your expectations.


One Stop Gloves OEM Manufacturer

AIBON provides a one-stop gloves OEM soulution for our customers, we won't let you down!
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