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Janitorial Gloves

Janitorial gloves help protect hands from harsh chemicals and detergents. Prevents the spread of germs and bacteria so you can keep your hands clean and free of dirt and debris. Overall, janitorial gloves provide great protection for your hands while cleaning.

Regardless of the material, the gloves provide a comfortable fit that fits the hand snugly and elastically, and feature elastic cuffs for easy donning and removal.

  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Excellent dexterity
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Comfortable
  • Anti-slip grip

Custom Janitorial Gloves Manufacturer in China

AIBON manufactures high-quality gloves for cleaning work. We provide customization of different materials, including latex, PVC, and nitrile s gloves. These gloves are durable enough to withstand daily use and difficult cleaning tasks. They are also puncture and tear resistant.

We also have different grammage, different colors, different size, designs and lengths for your choose. Elbow length, wrist length or customized length is acceptable, and MOQ 2000 pairs can meet your minimum requirements and can quickly help you increase the category of gloves. We can customize and manufacture janitorial gloves according to your requirements, expand your brand awareness, and help Your business grows.

For more information about our gloves, contact us today!

Types of Janitorial Gloves

We offer two types of janitorial or cleaning gloves such as:


Janitorial disposable gloves are ideal if you want to avoid cross-contamination. They offer extreme sanitary protection since they are designed to be used just once. These gloves are suitable for delicate applications. They can protect you from irritants and mild chemicals.


Janitorial reusable gloves help you in saving money and reduce unnecessary waste. They can be reused many times since they are highly durable. These gloves are designed to withstand strong chemicals, punctures, tears, etc.

Types of Janitorial Gloves

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Material Options


Janitorial latex gloves can give you a good grip. They are flexible, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. These gloves also protect your hands from

  • Alkalis
  • Acids
  • Alcohols
  • Solvents
  • Harsh detergents


Janitorial nitrile gloves offer more chemical resistance and durability than latex gloves. These gloves have excellent resistance to punctures, temperatures, and pathogens. They are ideal when working with harsh chemicals and other cleaning agents.

Variety of Uses

Janitorial gloves are used by:

  • Housekeepers
  • Office cleaners
  • Warehouse janitors
  • Maintenance team
  • Staff
  • Cleaning companies

They can be used when:

  • scrubbing toilets
  • washing dishes
  • wiping
  • disinfecting
  • soaking
  • gardening
  • other cleaning tasks

Importance of Janitorial Gloves

Janitorial hand gloves give you protection from:


When scrubbing, navigating sharp corners, and handling harmful materials, you may possibly scratch or cut your hands. Therefore, using these gloves is important. These gloves can also be used to protect an existing wound from infection when cleaning.

Hot Water

Hot water can damage your skin, especially when exposed repeatedly. Therefore, using gloves is important when handling hot water. These gloves can provide the necessary protection for your hands.


Cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can burn or harm your skin. They may contain phosphoric acids, hydrofluoric acid, or nitrilotriacetate.

To keep your hands safe from chemical burns and skin irritation, wearing gloves is important. These gloves prevent harsh chemicals or cleaning products from reaching your skin. Chemicals, and products such as:

  • Bleach
  • Ammonia
  • Detergents
  • Vinegar
  • Solvents


Typically, the janitorial job includes cleaning areas where bacteria, viruses, and germs are common. To clean that area, users can use gloves to help decrease the transmission of germs. Using gloves also prevents users from becoming ill due to the bacteria.

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