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Safety glove manufacturer

AIBON is an expert in manufacturing various hand protection products, including safety gloves. With years of dedicated effort, Aibon has established itself as a reliable partner in industries such as industrial and trade. Drawing on years of experience in the field of personal protective equipment, customer feedback, and essential professional knowledge, we continuously develop high-quality products. In addition to our comprehensive range of industrial safety gloves, we also offer customization to meet specific customer needs.

Our safety gloves are typically used in applications such as welding, construction, mechanics, laboratories, and more. They provide features like oil resistance, electrical protection, cut resistance, suitability for construction, metal and glass products, chemical resistance, agricultural use, and much more.

When designing our full range of safety gloves, we prioritize both safety and comfort. They effectively protect the hands from harm while being comfortable to wear, facilitating efficient and straightforward operations. If you’re looking for budget-friendly products that don’t compromise on quality, AIBON is your best supplier. Send us your inquiries today!


Electronic products find widespread applications, and PU-coated gloves for hands and fingers provide protection. Designed for light-duty tasks, they incorporate anti-static features and a thin layer of coating, enhancing flexibility and facilitating easy, agile handling. These gloves allow for the handling of components without compromising the integrity of electronic devices, making them a highly secure protective glove option.

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cutting image


Aibon’s cut-resistant gloves employ advanced chemical protection and boast a high level of cut resistance. They utilize cutting-edge cut-resistant technology, optimizing the fusion of the cut-resistant liner and yarn material for improved flexibility and tactile sensitivity. These gloves enhance grip in both wet and dry conditions, reducing hand fatigue. They are designed to protect workers from chemical risks while providing lasting puncture resistance and durability.

Cut-resistant gloves prevent cuts, punctures, slashes, and abrasions that may occur when handling metals, glass, and other sharp objects, guarding against all potential risks.


Construction work gloves are worn during various tasks to protect hands and fingers from unnecessary injuries, such as cuts, blisters, fragments, skin punctures, as well as burns from heat and chemicals. Two essential tasks performed by workers are assembly and installation. These gloves offer high abrasion resistance and safeguard users’ hands during activities like conduit handling, cable splicing, and metal stamping and manufacturing processes. Every year, we develop and design 5-10 new types of construction gloves, helping you quickly capture the market and providing OEM and ODM services.

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The manufacturing of chemical-resistant gloves is primarily aimed at protecting the wearer from the potential hazards of chemical leaks, spills, and exposures. These gloves are designed for specific environments and applications and can be categorized as general chemical-resistant gloves and heavy-duty chemical-resistant gloves. It’s crucial to wear the right chemical-resistant gloves, as there can be fatal risks otherwise.

Generally, these gloves are composed mainly of materials such as nitrile and chloroprene. Some of our gloves feature a velvet lining or cotton lining to provide additional comfort, while others come with long or extra-long cuffs to enhance forearm protection. They offer both comfort and flexibility.

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Safety Gloves – The Ultimate Guide

Safety gloves are a must-have accessories. Whether you work in a medical laboratory, research institution, electrical workshop, or mining industry, you need gloves will protect your hand from any form of danger.

This guide explores types of safety gloves for your consideration:

What are Safety Gloves

Safety gloves are custom-made protective apparel designed to shield the user’s hands from hazardous elements. These gloves are designed with various materials that help provide maximum protection from chemicals, external pressure, intrusions, and other workplace dangers.

Safety Gloves
Safety Gloves

Advantages of Safety Gloves

There are several benefits of utilizing safety gloves. These benefits include;

  • These personal protection equipment help shield hands from various hazards including chemical exposure, cuts, burns, and abrasions among other things.
  • Safety gloves are an ideal precautionary measure for work environments that involve adverse elements as they elevate fear and allow the workers to perform their duties.
  • Incorporating safety gloves in the workplace is one step in complying with set regulations that help prevent getting fined.
  • These gloves come in various designs that are used across multiple fields including healthcare to prevent transmission of diseases among other applications.
  • They are designed not only to provide protection but also enhance functionality through features that improve grip and dexterity which is ideal for various industrial applications.

Types of Safety Gloves

Safety gloves are a general term that encompasses different gloves customized with unique features that make them ideal for various purposes. These gloves can be broken down into five main categories. These gloves include;

Leather Gloves

These are durable gloves designed using animal skin and are often layered with other materials to make them more suitable for different applications.


  • Leather gloves have a long service life and can be used for a long time before needing to replace them
  • The gloves are often treated to enhance their fire resistance.
  • This material is breathable which makes the gloves comfortable and ideal for prolonged use and dexterity.
  • They also function as insulation gear preserving heat during cold seasons
Leather Gloves
Leather Gloves

Fabric Gloves

Fabric gloves or knitted gloves are designed using various materials that allow them to shield the hands from various elements. They are typically used for general purposes.


  • These gloves are designed to maximize comfort with a perfect fit that ensures efficiency during prolonged use
  • Knitted gloves have increased dexterity making them ideal for applications that require precision. They also feature an enhanced grip
  • The fabric utilized is breathable which makes it suitable especially when required for long periods
  • Knitted gloves can easily be cleaned by washing which makes maintaining the protective wear easier
  • The gloves are also durable and can be reused for various purposes
Fabric Gloves
Fabric Gloves

Mechanics Gloves

These are industrial protective gear designed to provide maximum protection against hazardous elements. They are generally used for protection in work environments.


  • Mechanical gloves have an increased dexterity which is often required for a majority of industrial application
  • The gloves are often padded to increase the protective layering as well as make it more comfortable during work.
  • The breathable material prevents moisture from building up underneath the gloves which allows the gloves to be used for a long time.
  • It is equipped with impact resistance that protects the user’s hands from accidents that might otherwise result in injuries.
  • The gloves feature puncture and cut resistance which is required for work applications that involve sharp and ragged objects.
  • It has an enhanced grip which makes it an excellent choice for applications that require precision or involve small parts.
  • The gloves are durable and have a long service life and it is easy to maintain and use.
Mechanic Gloves
Mechanic Gloves

Chemical Gloves

Chemical gloves are industrial-grade gloves that are used to protect hands against exposure to hazardous chemicals. It also provides protection against burns, heat, and cuts.


  • The material is layered and thickened to maximize protection from volatile chemicals as well as increase durability.
  • It offers both dexterity as well an acceptable grip ensuring that mobility is not impaired
  • The gloves are lined to enhance protection and increase comfort.
  • Inner and Outer Lining: Some gloves have inner and outer linings for added protection and comfort.
Chemical Gloves
Chemical Gloves

Disposable Gloves

These are single-use gloves that are primarily utilized as a means of protection against contamination in a broad range of applications. It is designed using different materials that possess unique features each suitable for different applications.


  • The materials feature an increased resistance to chemicals and other corrosive compounds
  • These gloves are durable and can be stored for a long time
  • Disposable gloves can be textured to enhance grip and increase comfort
  • They are single-use to reduce the chances of cross-contamination during various applications.
Disposable Gloves
Disposable Gloves

Applications of safety gloves

Safety gloves come in a variety of designs designed with various materials that make them highly suitable for different purposes. These applications include;

  • Constructions
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Welding
  • Food Industry
  • Janitorial
  • Oil and Gas
  • Electronics

At AIBON, we have a range of safety gloves specifically designed for your industry. Whether you are handling electronics, chemicals, or medical equipment, we have the right safety gloves for you.

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