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Disposable gloves are a type of HPPE and are made from various materials, including nitrile, latex, vinyl, or polyethylene. As the name suggests, disposable gloves are meant to be used once and then discarded. In many work environments where you come into contact with bacteria, viruses, food handling, automotive maintenance, and various substances on a daily basis, wearing disposable gloves is essential to better protect yourself from exposure to harmful materials.

Disposable nitrile, latex, and vinyl gloves has different varieties, such us powdered and powder-free . Powdered gloves have wheat starch added during the manufacturing process to make them easier to put on. They are typically packaged in dispenser boxes, with 100 gloves per box and 10 boxes per case. We offer OEM customization services to help expand your brand’s influence.

Aibon is dedicated to providing protection, safety, utility, and comfort to people who work with their hands in potentially damaging and dangerous working environments. We offer custom gloves in different colors, materials, lengths, and weights to meet all your needs. Our low minimum order quantity (MOQ) can meet different wholesalers and importers. Please send an inquiry now, and our sales team will provide you with  one-on-one professional service.

Disposable Gloves By Materials

Disposable Vinyl Glove
  • Disposable vinyl glove has powder and powder free ,the weight has different 4.0g, 4.5g ,provide easy identification in food production .
  • No-toxic,harmless and odorless, DOP & DEHP free ,eaturing a double-chlorinated surface, these gloves are ultra-smooth and ideal for fine handling ,Powder free design reduces the chance of powder contamination ,Supplied in a convenient dispenser box of 100 gloves.
  • Hospital, Clinic, Homecare, Lab, Housing, IT Industries, Beauty Industries, No latex proteins, good alternative for those suffering from Type I allergies .
Disposable Nitrile Glove
  • Disposable nitrile glove has medica grade and industry grade.
  • Nitrile glove biggest advantage of nitrile gloves is that can be used in liquids or solids containing acids and alkalis.
  • And nitrile gloves can prevent knife cuts and punctures, and can better protect hands .
  • Nitrile glove are made of nitrile rubber ,Sized to fit most hands .
  • Typical Applications: Cleaning, General household purposes, Food Handling, Agriculture ,Industry ,Auto mechanic and so on .
  • The pulling force is better than vinyl glove, and the service life is longer than latex glove .
Disposable PE Glove
  • Disposable PE gloves are divided into HDPE, LDPE, TPE, CPE, which are stretched into plastic film through a casting machine through plastic particles, and then sliced to complete the manufacturing.
  • PE gloves are mainly used for food production, household cleaning and other places.
  • As consumers use TPE to become more popular, its cost is lower than vinyl glove, its service life is longer , Sized to fit most hands, these Extra Large moisture resistant gloves are easy to take on and off .
  • Excellent flexibility and strength .Comfortable, soft, flexible and durable.
Disposable Latex Exam Glove
  • Disposable Latex exam gloves have excellent protective properties and are stronger and thicker than other disposable safety gloves.
  • Latex gloves prevent leakage, making it easy to work in wet conditions.
  • They are also less likely to puncture or tear. Excellent fit for comfort sensitivity and safety ,Produced with a food grade corn starch powder, making donning easier especially when hands are wet.
  • Rolled cuff for increased coverage and added strength ,Provides superior resistance to a wide range of solvents and hazardous chemicals ,Ambidextrous .
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Disposable Gloves in Different Industries

  • Healthcare
  • Food Industry
  • Mechanics and the Automotive Industry
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Childcare
  • Janitorial Work
  • Printing
  • Security Work
  • Factory Workers
Disposable Gloves in Different Industries

Following Are Four Reasons Why Disposable Gloves Hand Protection Is Essential:

  • Using disposable gloves helps avoid touch or cross-contamination.
  • They stop the spread of infections.
  • It protects you from unexpected risks.
  • They won’t deteriorate.

The differences and characteristics of disposable gloves made from vinyl, nitrile, latex, and polyethylene

Disposable Nitrile Gloves:

  • Material: Synthetic rubber, offering maximum comfort and strength similar to latex.
  • Key Features: Better chemical resistance, longer-lasting, protecting against various substances like cleaning detergents, dirt, grease, acids, alkalis, and more. Textured palm and fingers for excellent grip in wet and dry conditions.
  • Gram Weight: 2g, 2.5g, 3.0g, 3.5g, 4.0g, 4.5g, 5.0g, 5.5g, 6.0g, 6.5g
  • Colors: Blue, dark blue, purple, green, pink, black, red, or customizable.
  • Comfort: Relatively comfortable, not allergic (though not as comfortable as latex).
  • Usage Scenarios: Widely used in various industries, including paint, printing, manufacturing, food processing, laboratories, cleaning, petrochemicals, and more.

Disposable PVC Gloves:

  • Material: Made of Polyvinyl Chloride, mainly derived from petroleum extracts, available as DOP & DEHP free, free from DOP/DEHP phthalates.
  • Key Features: Tear-resistant, strong, and flexible. Good flexibility and sensitivity. Non-toxic, non-sterile, odorless, and does not cause skin allergies. Suitable for food processing, except for fatty foods.
  • Colors: Transparent, black, blue.
  • Gram Weight: 4.0g, 4.5g, 5.0g
  • Comfort: Very comfortable (but not as comfortable as latex) and suitable for specific tasks.
  • Usage Scenarios: Ideal for various applications in healthcare, food industry, childcare services, cleaning, medical inspections, hairdressing, and more.

PE Gloves:

  • Material: Made from high-quality lightweight thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).
  • Key Features: It offers elasticity, good toughness, and extra stretch.Non-toxic, hygienic, environmentally friendly, food-safe, waterproof, and latex-free. Not as thin as other materials but offers excellent comfort.
  • Gram Weight: 0.6g-2.2g
  • Colors: Generally transparent and black, but customizable.
  • Comfort: Usually thin but provides excellent comfort.
  • Usage Scenarios: Mainly used for food handling, beauty treatments, and more.

Disposable Latex Gloves:

  • Material: Refined from natural latex, known for excellent elasticity, sensitivity, and flexibility.
  • Key Features: Super strong pulling force, smooth and safe to wear. Available in powdered and powder-free varieties. Caution for latex allergies.
  • Gram Weight: Generally 5.0g or 5.5g.
  • Comfort: High latex content provides a very comfortable and skin-fitting experience.
  • Usage Scenarios: Widely used in hospitals, laboratories, cleaning, and fine processing industries.
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