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Aibon safety is one of the most trusted manufacturers and suppliers of nitrile coated gloves with 15 years of industry experience. We provide OEM & ODM customization services. Based on market feedback, we develop 5-6 new designs of nitrile coated gloves every year to meet the needs of the market. We not only provide customization services for gloves made of different materials such as nylon, polyester, cotton, etc., but also provide super Customized services for different processes such as microfoam、sandy finish、ultra-thin foam and smooth, and 1/2, 3/4 or full coated processes can be provided.Nitrile coated gloves have the characteristics of oil resistance, chemical resistance, puncture resistance, and resistance, excellent grip, etc., and are allergy-free, which can better protect workers from chemicals, corrosive residues, and other substances, so Widely used in petroleum production, chemical manufacturing, construction, gardening, cycling industry, painting and printing industry, etc., Nitrile coated gloves are a good choice in your working.

Our products have passed CE product certification and comply with local laws and regulations. Aibon also provides household latex gloves,  chemcial resistant gloves, disposable gloves, and latex coated gloves. Choosing Aibon can meet all your glove needs. Contact our sales immediately, she will give you professional product service and experience. Please send an inquiry now!

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Custom Your Nitrial Coated Gloves

Aibon is a customer-focused business that provides one-stop manufacturing for custom gloves. We can be responsible for providing a full set of services from your idea design to the finished product. We have been known as your reliable partner for custom gloves for over a decade.

Nitrile glove material is oil-proof, corrosion-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant, uniquely durable, and has the dexterity of latex gloves. It is adaptable and durable. Because of its latex and PVC gloves, it has been unanimously recognized by consumers in the market. Each pair of our gloves has a 100% quality control system and is committed to giving you pleasure.

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Benefits of AIBON Custom Nitrile Gloves

Comfort and elasticity

Highly customizable


Use in multiple scenarios


Glove process options


Budget friendly

AIBON customized nitrile coated gloves can be designed and customized using 1/2, 3/4, or full immersion process, and the gloves can be made of polyester, nylon, poly-cotton and other materials, packaging and other most advanced materials, suitable for and accurately fit your purchasing needs.There is no doubt nitrial coated gloves can be used in different usage scenarios and environments, such as automobile, painting, printing, automotive and etc., Whether you are a dealer, wholesaler, or brand owner, your choice of Aibon means that you have the ability to supply gloves for the entire industry. This represents the best way for the company and services.Aibon’s customized gloves can be processed through micro-foaming, grinding, smoothing, ultra-thin foaming, and smooth surface treatment. Each material has unique qualities and advantages suitable for its purposeAibon can customize services, regular products are fully stocked, MOQ 2000 pairs can meet the requirements of your budget, and affordability provides the most effective and practical use of budget, which may support your project development and expand your brand efficiency.

Custom Nitrile Coated Gloves Applications:

Custom Nitrile coated glove for Manufacturing:

Nitrile coated gloves are widely used for manufacturing and assembly tasks where oil and chemical resistance are critical.

Cleaning: Nitrile coated gloves when handling cleaning chemicals and performing various cleaning tasks.

Custom Nitrile coated glove for Painting and Printing:

These gloves are used for painting and printing tasks to protect against paints, inks and solvents.

Custom Nitrile coated glove for Laboratory:

Nitrile coated gloves are popular in laboratories for their chemical resistance and protection against biohazards.

Custom Nitrile coated glove for Mechanical Work:

Nitrile coated gloves are ideal for mechanical work, such as auto repair, machine maintenance, and assembly. They offer good protection against oils, greases, and other chemicals commonly found in these environments.

Custom Nitrile coated glove for Construction:

Nitrile coated gloves provide excellent abrasion resistance and grip, making them suitable for tasks like handling construction materials, concrete work, and masonry.

Custom Nitrile coated glove for Plumbing:

Plumbers use nitrile-coated gloves for handling pipes and plumbing materials. The gloves protect against water and common chemicals used in plumbing.

Custom Nitrile coated glove for Agriculture and Gardening:

Nitrile coated gloves can be used for gardening, landscaping, and agricultural work. They protect against dirt, pesticides, and fertilizers while allowing for precise handling of plants.

Custom Nitrile coated glove for General Purpose:

Nitrile coated gloves are suitable for various general-purpose tasks where hand protection, grip, and dexterity are required.



AIBON Custom nitrile coated gloves Feature :

Chemical Resistance: Nitrile coated gloves are highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, providing reliable protection against potential chemical hazards.

Durability: Nitrile is a strong material, and nitrile coated gloves tend to be more durable and long-lasting than latex gloves and PVC gloves.

Puncture Resistance: Compared to latex gloves, nitrile gloves have better puncture resistance, reducing the risk of injury from sharp objects.

Comfort: Many nitrile coated gloves are designed for comfort and include breathable materials to reduce sweating and discomfort during prolonged use.

Latex Free: Nitrile gloves are a safe choice for people with latex allergies.

Textured grip: The textured surface of the nitrile coating enhances the ability to grip and handle objects in wet and dry conditions.

Nitrile coated gloves are valued for their versatility, making them suitable for a variety of industries and applications that require protection, grip, and chemical resistance ,so it is better choice for your working, if you need more information or quote, please feel free contact us immediately.

AIBON Custom nitrile coated gloves production process and characteristics:

Foam gloves, in the context of safety and work gloves, refer to gloves that have been treated using a foaming process on their rubber or latex surface. The foaming process involves adding a foaming agent to the glove material during production. When these gloves are manufactured, the foaming agent is activated by other chemical agents, creating fine gaps or voids within the dipped coating of the gloves. This results in a foam-like or sponge-like texture on the surface of the gloves.


The foam coating can provide the following advantages:

Improved Grip: The foam texture on the gloves enhances grip, especially in wet or oily conditions, making them suitable for tasks that require a secure hold on objects.

Better Breathability: The fine gaps created by the foaming process allow for improved breathability, reducing hand perspiration and discomfort during extended use.

Added Comort: The foam texture adds a cushioning effect, making the gloves more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Enhanced Sensitivity: The foam coating can offer improved sensitivity and touch, making it easier to perform tasks that require dexterity.

Foaming can be applied to various types of gloves, including nitrile, latex, and PVC gloves. It’s a versatile process that can improve the functionality of gloves in different work environments. The principle behind foaming gloves is similar to using baking powder to create a lighter and more airy texture in baked goods like steamed buns or bread.


AIBON Custom sandy finsh nitrile coated gloves process and characteristics :

When discussing the pros and cons of sanding gloves, it’s essential to first understand the manufacturing process of these gloves. Sanding gloves are created by first dipping them into latex while it is still in a liquid or semi-fluid state. Salt particles are then sprayed onto the latex surface. Since the latex surface has not solidified yet, the salt particles embed themselves into the latex surface. Afterward, the gloves are baked in an oven, causing the latex surface to solidify. The gloves are then water washed and dried. During the washing process, the salt dissolves into the water, leaving the latex surface pitted and textured.

Unlike wrinkled gloves, sanding gloves involve two additional steps: water washing and secondary baking, which is why this type of glove tends to be more expensive than wrinkled gloves.

Sanding gloves are made of polyurethane material and feature a textured surface, providing excellent grip and durability. These gloves offer good elasticity and are suitable for work environments where hand protection is required while maintaining flexibility. They are commonly used in settings like assembly lines and the packaging industry.

Comparison between microfoam coated gloves VS Sandy finished coated Gloves:


Sandy finished gloves are more wear-resistant and have better resistance to compression compared to microfoam gloves. The sanding treatment on the glove surface significantly improves its anti-slip properties. These gloves are also more resilient and less prone to being scratched or torn, providing longer-lasting hand protection.


Microfoam gloves are relatively lightweight, soft, and offer a good hand feel. They are hollow and provide excellent breathability, making them comfortable for extended wear without feeling hot or uncomfortable. On the other hand, the sandy treatment on sandy finsihed gloves, while enhancing anti-slip properties, may reduce the flexibility of the gloves. Prolonged wear of sandy finished gloves can lead to discomfort and potential skin damage.

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