• PE Gloves 3
  • PE Gloves 3

PE Gloves

PE gloves are one of our most precious and economical gloves offered at our company. These work well for light-duty applications that call for regular glove changes. It is precisely designed based on the human hand shape. Additionally, our PE gloves is utmostly safe and comfortable to wear. That guarantees not producing any allergic reactions to your skin. 

  • Durable and made to handle any situation
  • Ideal for food perpetration
  • Tough and waterproof constructions
  • Environmentally-friendly, hygienic
  • Non-toxic, no odor
  • Superior tensile and resistance properties
  • Excellent chemical stability

AIBON – Your Trustworthy PE Gloves Manufacturer in China

AIBON is China’s leading manufacturer of quality PE gloves and related personal protective products. Our expertise and knowledge as a responsible supplier are very prominent in all industries. One of the biggest assets we are proud of is our unmatched capability in customizing products. We will be able to custom-make your PE gloves, providing added-value services that exceed your primary needs.

In addition, AIBON has ISO and CE certificates. Also, our products are certified to meet markets’ and customers’ standard requirements. We regularly perform stringent tests and inspections for each product to ensure the quality of our PE gloves. 

AIBON engineering and design teams are committed to developing superior quality PE gloves that consistently meet today’s increasing demand and diverse needs of the industry. Please give us your detailed specification, and we will take care of the rest of the process. 

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PE Gloves Features

1) Keeping things tidy, affordable, convenient, etc.

2) High and low-density polyethylene are readily available.

3) Surfaces with different thicknesses and textures.

4) Bacilli-resistant, alkaline, oil, and waterproof.

5) Light and better feeling.

6) They are truly excellent, and protective items.

7) Available in standard and extra-long versions

8) Lightweight and flexible

Raw Material:Polyethylene
Glove Sizes:S, M, L, XL
Available Colors:Blue, Red, Yellow, Transparent (customizable according to customers’ request)
Design and Features:Ambidextrous, embossed finish for enhanced grip
Weight (g): 0.5g – 2.0g per piece
Quality: 100% quality original and all new material

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Standard Certificates

AIBON manufactures a variety of PE gloves that obtain the following certificates:

  • CE
  • EN
  • ISO


  • Medical field
  • Food Processing
  • Beauty Salon
  • Nursery
  • Gardening
  • Household
  • Painting
  • General Purpose

Are PE Gloves Safe?

Absolutely Yes!

Polyethylene (PE) gloves are not only secure, but also very reasonably priced. 

When used in conjunction with frequent handwashing and sanitizing, they are just as effective as latex gloves.

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