Double Color Latex Household Glove

Double Color Latex Household Glove

AIBON has been in this industry for more than 12 years household latex gloves manufacturing company.  In addition to our many other household latex products, we only use the highest quality natural latex materials for wholesale gloves, which come in a variety of grammages, sizes, colors, and packaging. Double Color Latex Household Glove are available in different colors.

As one of the leading latex glove manufacturers in China, we assure you that we will create the best gloves for your products. We offer free samples to give you confidence that our latex gloves are high quality, durable and safe. Contact us today to enhance your brand image with AIBON!

Why Choose Aibon Rubber Glove

Premium Quality Needs
Consistent Quality Through Continuous Improvement

#1 Exceptional Customer Service
We have a team of experts dedicated to supporting our clients from start to finish. We take care of all inquiries and also assist customers after they receive the product. If you have any questions, we encourage everyone to drop us a message immediately and we will do our best to assist you in the best way possible.

#2 Strengthen Quality Control 

All of our Household Latex Gloves and Nitrile Latex Gloves undergo strict quality control to ensure that all our products are manufactured to their specifications. We have a quality control department dedicated to checking all products for any defects. If there is, we do a full report so we can avoid bugs as much as possible in the future.

#3 On Time Delivery
Since we have all the resources to produce hundreds of thousands of pairs of gloves per day, we can guarantee that we will deliver your product on the expected date. We will work with you throughout the process and keep in touch with you after your product ships until you receive it.

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One Stop Gloves OEM Manufacturer

AIBON provides a one-stop gloves OEM soulution for our customers, we won't let you down!
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