Fight The Virus-19 Together

The Spring Festival is the first big festival for the Chinese nation to bid farewell to the old welcome the new and reunite families. However, during the Spring Festival this year, a novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic hit Wuhan, and the entire city entered a state of emergency to fight the virus. At this time, the eyes of all walks of life are focused on Wuhan, and everyone is concerned about the epidemic in Wuhan.

The sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic has not only brought serious threats to the lives and health of people in all countries in the world, but it has also brought huge challenges to global public health security and has had a huge impact on the operation of the world economy. The world is facing a severe and complex situation. Effective prevention and control of the epidemic has become a common task facing all countries in the world. The virus knows no borders, regardless of race, and the international community can only be defeated by a joint force. Faced with the global challenges brought about by the epidemic, united response is a top priority

“If one party is in trouble, all parties will support it.” Hearing about the plight of Wuhan’s fight against the epidemic, people around the world have organized donations, donations, and raised medical supplies such as medical masks to support Wuhan. Local companies also voluntarily donate money and materials to relevant departments. When school starts, Zhangjiagang Aibon Safety Products Co., Ltd donates goods and gloves to Zhangjiagang Dongdu School and Zhangjiang Jiyanghu School and pays attention to the school’s resumption.

Trickles converge into the sea; a single spark can set a prairie fire. Only by uniting tightly can we win this epidemic air defense station, let us work hard together.

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