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What is Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves typically refer to gloves without coverings on the fingers, allowing for increased flexibility and tactile sensation while enhancing the handling of fine details. This unique design also provides basic protection for the hands.


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Features of Fingerless Gloves


Fingerless gloves, due to the exposed fingers, are inherently highly flexible, making them more suitable for intricate and delicate operations.


Fingerless gloves are designed to enhance breathability and moisture wicking, allowing the hands to remain dry and comfortable.


Fingerless gloves are lightweight and thin, making them easy to carry and very portable.


Fingerless gloves, compared to regular safety gloves or leather gloves, are very affordable, making them a cost-effective investment for purchase.

Fashion and practicality coexist

Without a doubt, when it comes to outdoor activities, fingerless gloves are undoubtedly the top choice for protecting hands. They are versatile and suitable for almost any outdoor activity, such as hiking, rock climbing, cycling, rollerblading, and more. They are also equally applicable to indoor sports like weightlifting, gymnastics, and lifting. For fitness enthusiasts, they are an irreplaceable choice, thanks to their sweat-wicking and moisture-absorbing capabilities.

Of course, fingerless gloves have more than just these applications. With fingers exposed, they offer great flexibility and are ideal for delicate tasks. They can also be used in heavy-duty settings, such as construction sites and mechanical maintenance.

Of course, fingerless gloves are not only highly practical but also very fashionable, especially those made of leather. They have a strong visual impact and feel comfortable and stylish when worn on the hands. They are also suitable for pairing with various small accessories and ornaments.

In daily life, they can also be used for driving, and shopping while using a mobile phone, providing warmth and protection at the same time. Additionally, fingerless gloves with a sense of fashion can highlight the slender and powerful appearance of your fingers, showcasing your exquisite taste.

And so are our fingerless gloves at Aibon. Whether you’re looking for practicality or fashion, we provide both. We pay close attention to every aspect of glove production to ensure you receive the gloves that satisfy you the most in the shortest time possible. Feel free to contact us.

The application of Fingerless gloves.

Fitness Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are indispensable in the fitness industry for their breathable and moisture-wicking properties and for relieving significant pressure on joints and muscles, preventing unexpected interruptions due to hand injuries during training.

Roller Skating Fingerless Gloves

In extreme sports like rollerblading, which requires maintaining balance and steering while in motion, it’s crucial to avoid situations where hand abrasions or minor impacts could lead to unexpected injuries. Having a pair of dedicated fingerless gloves for rollerblading is essential for personal protection. Additionally, exposing the fingers reduces friction between the hands, decreasing the likelihood of static electricity buildup.

Cycling Fingerless Gloves

When it comes to cycling, fingerless gloves not only provide better grip to control the handlebars but also allow for easy operation of gear shifters, brakes, and other touch-sensitive devices to prevent swerving, especially on winding and bumpy mountain roads or muddy paths just after rain.

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