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AIBON provides freezer gloves, for use when working in frigid or frozen environments. These types of gloves help to keep your hands warm and protected from unnecessary injuries, infections, and contamination. They are very comfortable and do not cause hand irritation despite prolonged periods of wear due to their knit construction. Besides, its thick latex palm coating has the advantage of providing superior grip and additional protection against freezing. 

  • Ideal for material handling
  • Versatile and economical
  • Lightweight and durable style
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Flexible and low-fatigue

Freezer Gloves By Material

Latex Freezer Gloves
  • Freezing gloves with touch screen functionality.
  • Double layer protection
  • Latex foam treatment on the surface makes it softer and more conformable
Latex Freezer Gloves
  • The inner lining of brushed polyester/acrylic.
  • Completely coated black foam.
  • Full wrist protection
Latex Freezer Gloves
  • Features a special crinkle latex finish
  • Winter double layers with acrylic liner
  • High grip in slippery conditions
Double Insulated Freezer Glove
  • Winter double layers warm acrylic liner
  • The features a special crinkle latex finish
  • High grip in slippery conditations
PVC Mittens Freezer Gloves
  • Good acid and alkali resistance and oil resistance
  • Plush lining design
  • Comfortable wearing feel
PVC Wind Blocker Freezer Gloves
  • Excellent cold protection performance
  • For a temperature of -30 degrees
  • Protection against low-concentration acids
PVC Freezer Gloves
  • For a temperature of -30 degrees
  • Protection against low concentration acids, alkalis and oils
  • Anti-slip surface treatment and removable lining
Knitted Freezer gloves
  • Stay warm and comfortable for a temperature of -30 degrees
  • Surface anti-slip treatment
  • Knitted cuffs for easy removal
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Application Possibilities for Freezer Gloves

  • Cold storage facilities
  • Moving through cool rooms, stocking, and transporting
  • The walk-in freezers
  • Common warehouses
  • Working outside in frigid temperatures
Benefits of Freezer Gloves

Benefits of Freezer Gloves

Included in AIBON’s safety hand protection measures are:

  • For a dependable wet and dry grip, freezer gloves include a rubberized coating with texture on the palm.
  • Warm hands are provided by poly cotton with brushed fleece inside.
  • Thumb with rubber protection.
  • These gloves have a fantastic, solid grip.
  • Cold reezer gloves are comfortable to wear.
  • Gloves that may be washed and reused.
  • Keep your hands warm and comfortable while maintaining your dexterity.

Your Expert Freezer Gloves Manufacturer - AIBON

AIBON has been in the business of freezer glove manufacturing for decades. And today, we’ve become one of the largest suppliers of high-quality freezer gloves, not just in China but in worldwide countries and regions. 

Throughout our journey as a reputable manufacturer, we have already built strong and loyal relationships with our customers. We remain focused on providing excellent services to all small and large businesses around the globe. Our gained experience, knowledge, and expertise in this field, allow us to expand our proficiency to design and develop more product lines, such as freezer gloves, personal protective equipment, protective gloves, etc. 

AIBON strives for excellence in quality, prices, and services. We aimed to offer a broad range of possible customization solutions that are necessary, simple, and practical. At AIBON, you can enjoy our added services and the best prices offered by our company. Please call us immediately or send us a message for further details.

The Best Freezer Gloves to Have for Your Different Tasks

Wearing a dependable set of freezer gloves is necessary when your job demands exposure to subfreezing temperatures. It provides sufficient protection from the hazards of numbness, frostbite, and hypothermia in the hands. 

Additionally, these freezer gloves help you perform better when working in a freezing situation.

AIBON provides the best solution for all your needed freezer gloves. We create and produce a variety of these gloves with the following qualities:

  1. Hard Dexterity.

Gloves that don’t restrict your hands’ movement are a necessity. To increase hand dexterity, we use extremely elastic materials for our freezer gloves.

  1. Thermal Insulation.

Every freezer glove needs to have this fundamental characteristic. This entails the use of materials that keep the interiors of the gloves warm. 

On the other hand, the level of thermal insulation will be determined by the ambient temperature in your workstation and the length of time you want to spend there.

  1. Waterproofing. 

AIBON freezer gloves have excellent water resistance. There’s no possibility that melted water can enter your gloves and freeze again. 

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