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What is Kitchen Gloves

Kitchen gloves are commonly used protective tools in the kitchen, mainly to protect hands from high temperatures, grease, and chemicals commonly found in the kitchen. For us at Aibon, this is one of our main products. The most common type, without a doubt, is household latex gloves.

Classification of kitchen gloves

The following are classifications of kitchen gloves based on different materials, which is also part of how we at Aibon categorize our kitchen gloves.
Silicone Gloves

Silicone gloves are a versatile kitchen accessory made from silicone material, known for their heat resistance and flexibility, primarily used with appliances such as ovens, microwaves, and induction cooktops.

Reusable Lab Gloves
Nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic nitrile rubber, primarily known for their oil and grease resistance, suitable for handling oily ingredients, and naturally resistant to cleaning and washing agents.

Red Color Industrial Latex Glove
Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are made from natural rubber, offering excellent elasticity and comfort. Whether for cleaning or food handling, they provide a perfect fit to protect hands, making them an indispensable kitchen glove.

Cooking gloves

Cooking gloves refer to protective gear worn during food handling and cooking to prevent accidental injuries to the hands, ensuring exceptional comfort throughout the process. They are an indispensable type of glove.

Disposable Gloves
Disposable Gloves
Disposable gloves, though made from various materials, primarily serve to maintain food hygiene and prevent cross-contamination during food handling. After use, disposable gloves can be discarded, thus avoiding reuse and ensuring safety.
Heat Resistant Gloves
Insulated gloves are often made from heat-resistant materials such as thick cotton, silicone, or heat-resistant fibers. Their primary purpose is to prevent burns from high-temperature baking and safely handle and place hot food items.
Oven Mitts

As the name suggests, oven gloves are specifically designed for use in ovens. Their primary function is to prevent burns from high temperatures. These gloves typically undergo food safety testing, ensuring they can be used with greater peace of mind.

Kevlar Gloves
Kevlar gloves

Kevlar gloves are high-strength protective gloves made from Kevlar fiber, known for their strong puncture and cut resistance. They are primarily suitable when handling food ingredients with sharp tools such as knives and graters.

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Functions of kitchen gloves

Accompanying the pursuit of a refined lifestyle, various tools have gradually emerged in modern kitchens to help people adapt to a fast-paced life, with kitchen gloves being one of them.

Aibon’s kitchen gloves come in a wide variety and provide protection against every potential danger to ensure your safety. Naturally, we have our own unique understanding of kitchen gloves, as will be discussed regarding their functions. The functions can be divided into the following categories:

  • Heat Protection: Effectively prevents hands from being burned by hot objects.
  • Protection: Ensures hands are safe from cuts and punctures from knives, graters, and other sharp tools.
  • Hygiene Protection: Prevents cross-contamination of food, ensuring food hygiene and safety.
  • Chemical Protection: Allows safe handling of cleaning agents and detergents, avoiding skin contact with harmful chemicals.
  • Comfort and Flexibility: Provides a comfortable fit and flexibility, allowing chefs to easily perform various complex tasks.
  • Other

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Gloves´╝č

Apart from this, selection is also crucial. A suitable kitchen glove can greatly assist in your tasks. So, how do you choose a seemingly appropriate kitchen glove? Aibon summarizes the following elements for your reference:

  • Firstly, choose the material of the glove according to your needs: Different uses require different functionalities of gloves, and accordingly, the materials of gloves vary.
  • The size and fit of the glove are also crucial: The size of the glove is very important. Too long or too short, too large or too small, none of these are suitable. To avoid accidents, we should choose gloves that fit our hands well.
  • The quality of the glove: To ensure that the glove can be used for a long time without being easily damaged or needing frequent replacement, choosing a high-quality glove is our only option. But how do we determine the quality of the glove? It is best to obtain samples of the glove for testing. This is easily done for Aibon; we can provide samples for you to test free of charge. Additionally, certifications and relevant tests from institutions such as the common CE and EN388 certificates can also verify the quality of the glove.

Application of kitchen gloves

  • One of the key considerations for kitchen gloves is food safety, therefore, all of them should undergo food safety testing.

  • Kitchen gloves, like any other gloves, require regular inspection and maintenance to prevent unnecessary accidents.
  • Consider choosing multifunctional kitchen gloves to improve your work efficiency and avoid frequent glove changes.


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