Laboratory Gloves

Laboratory Gloves

Custom Laboratory Gloves Manufacturer in China

Laboratory gloves are used while performing various laboratory activities. You can use them when working with corrosive materials, hazardous chemicals, corrosives, and other toxic substances. They can also be used when working with laboratory equipment to avoid fingerprints or dirt.

AIBON uses high-quality environmentally friendly materials to manufacture high-quality laboratory gloves. We provide acid-alkali-resistant, acetone-resistant, and grease-resistant laboratory gloves, as well as laboratory gloves suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies. These gloves are also available in different sizes, colors, and thicknesses. , we also offer a length 50cm and offer non-sterile and sterile laboratory gloves.

To meet your needs, we can develop lab gloves to your custom thickness, material, size, and other specifications. To learn more about our laboratory gloves, please feel free to contact us!

Disposable Lab Nitrile Gloves
Disposable Lab Nitrile Gloves

Typically, disposable lab gloves are thinner than reusable lab gloves. They are designed to protect your hands from mild chemicals and irritants.

Disposable Latex Lab Gloves
Disposable Latex Lab Gloves

Disposable latex laboratory gloves, with good tensile strength and extensibility, fit your hands and are more comfortable

Lengthen Lab Gloves
Lengthen Lab Gloves

Extended laboratory gloves are more fully protective, the length reaches 82cm, They can protect the entire arm and can be reused.

Reusable Lab Gloves
Reusable Lab Gloves

Reusable lab gloves are usually thicker compared to disposable lab gloves. Due to that, they have excellent durability.

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Why Choose Us


Our lab gloves meet quality and safety standards. They have obtained CE, SGS, and other quality certifications.

Quality Control

AIBON aims to provide quality lab gloves. Therefore, from raw materials to delivery, quality control is always implemented. We also comply with ISO standards.

Excellent Services

At AIBON, you can get high-quality pre-sales and after-sales services. We can also provide you with expert advice on choosing the best glove material.

Fast Delivery

Each of our orders is carefully planned, ensuring that each order can be completed on time, and fast global delivery is also guaranteed.

Why Choose Us

Material Options

Latex Lab Glove

Latex lab gloves are available in powder-free or powdered types. They can prevent infectious substances from getting into your skin. These gloves are widely used in industrial and medical establishments due to their advantages such as:

  • puncture resistance
  • excellent dexterity
  • flexibility and comfort
Nitrile Lab Gloves

Lab gloves made from nitrile are thick. Due to that, they have excellent puncture and tear resistance. Nitrile lab gloves are commonly used for:

  • quality control & inspection
  • chemical processing
  • medical examinations
Reusable Nitrile Lab Gloves
Chemical Nitrile

We provide extended and thickened nitrile laboratory gloves, with lengths of 32cm, 50cm, and 82cm. And they can be used repeatedly after cleaning. They are widely used in the chemical industry. They have the following properties:

Anti-acid and alkali
Resistant to acetone
Resistant to oil stains


Importance of Lab Gloves

Wearing lab gloves is important to prevent contamination. Lab gloves also protect your hands from:

  • chemical burns
  • cryogenic liquid exposure
  • lacerations
  • thermal burns
  • skin irritation

Features of Lab Gloves

AIBON offers lab gloves that have many outstanding features such as:

  • high movement precision
  • resistant to harsh chemicals
  • strong and non-slip grip
  • flexible
  • comfortable
  • resistant to abrasion and tear
  • temperature-resistant
  • exceptional durability
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