Long Cleaning Kitchen Glove

Long Cuff Cleaning Kitchen Glove

Long Cuff Cleaning Kitchen Glove fit the hands better, and the customized cuff can meet different customers standard ,specially he needs of young consumers.

Are you looking for high-quality extended latex gloves that provide exceptional performance? AIBON is an excellent glove maker and can explore cooperation with him. We offer a wide selection of latex gloves designed to meet your unique requirements. We work with skilled experts who contribute their years of experience and guarantee that all our work is of the highest standard.

Also, use our custom service with different colors, grammes, packaging, sizes If you need something not listed, you can contact us. Our team of experts will help you meet your needs.

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Boost your business with customization Latex Glove Manufacturer

We have a team of innovative designers who are well-equipped to customize any design to your liking.

Rubber Glove Customized Cuff

We offer different design for cuff ,it will meet different customers inquiry cleaning ktichen glove wholesale ,you are also welcome to order larger custom weight whenever you need them.

Rubber Glove Colors

We manufacturer all different kinds of colors, the top-selling yellows that showcase your favorite colors to consumers.If you prefer other colors, we support customized colors.

Rubber Glove Length

300mm length provides better protection for arms, embossed handles prevent slipping, custom extended gloves up to 38cm, 45cm for better arm protection。

Rubber Gloves Category

We provide unlined, dipped, spray flocked household gloves and long-sleeved and extra-long latex household gloves. Produce different kinds of gloves according to the most popular gloves in your market. Provide you full service from concept to launch and tailored design and your market. 

Latex Glove Packaging Options

We provide a variety of packaging OPP bags and composite bags (opp&cpp, opp&cpe, opp&tpp), short, long of different sizes and materials, and provide color printing and brown carton different options, our design and sales team is ready to help You have found the perfect package.

We are an all-inclusive supplier of latex gloves. Our design catalog offers a variety of weights, colors, lengths, and a variety of design options. You can choose any of our stock designs or choose a custom design.

Custom latex gloves are ideal when you need to differentiate your glove products or meet unique customer needs such as household cleaning. Just tell us what your glove needs and we’ll provide the right solution.

AIBON gloves also system the following OEM services:

Product Color Customization

We can design the product and develop mold according to the requirements, also we can customize the color of the product per customer ,such us yellow ,orange ,pink ,blue ,green ,purple and ect .

OEM Brand Customization

We can design according to the requirements and customize OEM customer brand on the pp bag and the carton box or other packing material , including material, color, thickness and test requirements. 

How to choose the size that fit your hands?

  • Measure (in cm) around your hand with a tape measure at the place on the diagram shown at the right .You should use your dominant hand ,the right if you are right-handed ,and the left if you are left-handed .
  • Translate this measurement to your glove size ( Small, Medium ,Large ,XL-Large ,XXL-Large ) using the sizing guide on the item you are interested in .
meansure your hands

Why choose Aibon rubber glove ?

household glove
Package design from concept to commercialization

Our team of designer experts handles packaging and design solutions from start to finish to meet any business need. They combine product design and visual branding, working with you to create the perfect design for your product that consumers love, along with matching colors and packaging.

nitrile glove
Customized color and weight

Our skilled glove artisans work with the design team to turn design concepts into reality. Utilizing process techniques such as dipping and spray, they create gloves that are delicate and soft, and that grab the attention of their target market.

industrial latex glove
Fully automated production equipment and packaging supply chain

We continuously research and reduce costs through internal optimization processes. Reduce transportation costs by purchasing supporting peripherals to avoid delays caused by lack of actual delivery. It also reduces manufacturing time and overall cost by reducing shipping time across multiple warehouses.

nitrile glove
Warehousing, logistics, and inventory solutions

We provide assistance with inventory management through the use of our order system and delivery options. The minimum order quantity of the product is 1000 pairs, and the product is delivered on time to ensure the completion of the order. We also manage inventory and logistics to ensure we have stock of common products available for faster delivery.

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