The Trend Of Natural Rubber Materials In May

The price of raw materials directly affects the price of our rubber gloves, so we have been paying attention to the price trend and influence factors of latex. Let’s take a look at the trend of raw materials since May.

According to news from Thailand’s State Agricultural Cooperative, Russia’s ROSTEC will prepare to purchase a total of 150,000 tons of STR20 natural rubber products for paving roads in Thailand. The order has a certain positive effect on the rubber market in Thailand. At present, purchased at a price of 53-54 THB per kilogram. It is very likely that after the order is negotiated, the price of rubber will increase to 60 THB per kilogram.

Although it has reached the peak season of latex harvesting, due to the weather, there is less hot rain, longer sunshine hours, less relative humidity, and a significant increase in evaporation. Long-term high temperature increases the difficulty of harvesting by operators.

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