Unlined Household Latex Glove

Unlined Household Latex Glove

Unlined Household Latex Glove

Unlined Household latex gloves fit the hands better and are more suitable for the summer climate. The manufacture of household latex gloves is attractive to consumers. AIBON provides different kinds of gloves such as unlined, dipped, spray flocked, etc. Our 100% eco-friendly and degradable household latex gloves in light lining, our gloves have different grammage, colors, and packaging designs, their grammage is from 40g to 80g, so you can choose the weight, color, and size that best suits your needs. What’s more, our unlined household latex gloves are made of natural latex, which is very environmentally friendly and better protect your hands.

Nonetheless, consumers should feel confident using AIBON latex gloves as they are made from lead-free, mercury-free, and high-quality natural latex materials. Also, if you need something that is not on the list, feel free to contact us. We can help you customize household latex gloves.

Supply Wholesale Latex Gloves For Cleaning

AIBON provides customized color, gram weight, and packaging design, and can always grasp the market trend to provide customers with the most professional product knowledge and the most cutting-edge industry consulting, provide customized services for your market, and always maintain product research, Products are constantly being upgraded and optimized, and we have optimized our product line this year to ensure that we continue to be competitive.
We have been in the glass bottle industry for over 12 years and have extensive knowledge of the glove industry. You can count on us to provide gloves that fit your needs.

Our gloves can be used in other applications including:

  • Cleaning in Kitchen

    Our unlined household latex gloves are very suitable for wearing. The latex content can be customized from 60%,70%80%,90%,95%, They are smoother inside and out. In other words, they are velvet-free and smoother. They are available in a variety of latex contents and are more popular in tropical climate countries such as South America, such us Mexico, Ecuador and etc.

  • Unlined rubber glove
    Working in Garden

    Our gloves are not only suitable for household cleaning but also for garden maintenance. This types of unlined rubber gloves have a high latex content, which makes them more comfortable to use. We can not only provide household gloves but also other garden work gloves. Aibon provide one-stop glove solution, Please contact us immediately,

  • Cleaning Food

    AIBON unlined latex gloves are reusable in restaurants and food processing plants, including meat, shrimp and various food processing. Customers benefit from our low minimum order quantity of 2000 pairs. Additionally, the reusability of our unlined household latex gloves makes them suitable for brands looking to manage costs and maintain environmentally friendly practices.

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One Stop Gloves OEM Manufacturer

AIBON provides a one-stop gloves OEM soulution for our customers, we won't let you down!
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