White Gloves

What is White Gloves

As the name suggests, it usually refers to white gloves. Although they share the same color, their uses and application scenarios vary due to different materials.

White Gloves

Non-sterile Latex Gloves
Non Sterile Gloves

Powder-free white latex gloves, designed without a powder coating, are undoubtedly the top choice for individuals allergic to latex, as they can significantly reduce the risk of latex allergy.

Disposable Latex Lab Gloves
Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are generally suitable for various scenarios such as the medical industry, laboratories, food safety, and more. They serve as a versatile protective tools.

Clear Vinyl Glove
Clear Vinyl Glove

Vinyl gloves are typically consumable items that are discarded after a single use. They serve similar purposes as disposable gloves, with the only difference material used.

PVC freezer gloves
PVC White Gloves

White PVC gloves can prevent the intrusion of chemicals and are resistant to wear and tear. Especially in oily environments, they can prevent the penetration of grease.

Cotton Gloves
White Cotton Gloves

White cotton gloves, due to the characteristics of their material, provide insulation, warmth, and moisture absorption. They can also undergo further processing, such as being coated with an additional layer of adhesive, to create a new pair of gloves for different purposes based on the original ones.

White Long Gloves

White long gloves are a stylish and practical accessory, providing both warmth and fashion. With their extended coverage compared to regular gloves, they offer insulation against the cold while also serving as a fashionable statement piece, adding a unique touch to your style.

Flexible PU Gloves
White PU Gloves

White PU gloves are typically made from polyester fibers. Due to the characteristics of their material, they enhance the grip, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance of the entire glove. PU gloves are usually designed to be powder-free, reducing the likelihood of allergies.

Abrasion Resistant Gloves
White Safety Gloves

White safety gloves often serve various purposes due to the different materials they are made from. However, their enduring characteristic of being sturdy and abrasion-resistant ensures they are not easily damaged. Compared to regular gloves, they have a longer lifespan and offer excellent cost-effectiveness..

Ceremonial Gloves

White ceremonial gloves are typically worn in formal or official settings to convey respect and solemnity, such as in hotels, banquets, and stage performances.

White Nitrile Gloves

White nitrile gloves have stronger functionality compared to latex gloves, as they possess qualities such as chemical resistance and abrasion resistance that latex gloves lack.

Moisturizing gloves

Moisturizing gloves are made by infusing nourishing chemicals into their manufacturing material, thereby providing medicinal moisturization to your originally dry and cracked hands.

Boxing Gloves
White Protective Gloves

White protective gloves are typically used to shield the hands from external harm, so they often feature a thick layer of protective material on both the inner lining and outer surface of the gloves.

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The Application of White Gloves

The application of white gloves is very extensive, and the use of these gloves varies according to their material and functionality. Especially in the realm of fashion, white gloves symbolize nobility, elegance, and dignity.

  1. Fashion: White gloves have always been representative of the fashion industry. In dramas and dance performances, they can serve roles and plots, bringing different perceptions to the audience and adding a sense of authenticity and cohesion unique to theatrical performances.
  2. Medical Industry: White gloves have always been an important personal protective tool for medical personnel to protect their hands from bacterial and viral infections. They can block viruses and microorganisms such as blood, body fluids, and secretions, ensuring the safety of medical staff.
  3. Industrial and Manufacturing Sector: Some white gloves can be used as lightweight protective gloves to reduce direct contact between hands and machinery or chemicals, providing a certain degree of protection.
Cotton Gloves

  1. Cleaning and Hygiene: Typically, cleaning personnel require white gloves when handling detergents and cleaning equipment to protect their hands from chemical agents and substances. This helps expedite the cleaning process by preventing erosion caused by chemical compounds, enabling tasks to be completed more efficiently.
  2. Beauty Industry: In the beauty industry, it’s common for beauticians and manicurists to utilize white gloves on appropriate occasions. White moisturizing gloves can further nurture your hands, revitalizing dry and cracked skin.
  3. Laboratory and Research: In laboratory settings, white gloves serve as essential personal protective equipment to safeguard laboratory personnel and specimens from potential harm caused by chemicals used in experiments.

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  • White gloves, due to their color, can become unsightly if accidentally stained. Moreover, removing stains from them can be quite challenging, and cleaning agents can cause significant damage to the gloves. Therefore, it is important to take good care of them.

  • When storing white gloves, it’s also important to place them in a dry, clean area free from strong acids and bases. This helps prevent chemical corrosion that could damage the fabric, cause discoloration, or soil the gloves.

  • The application scenarios for each type of white gloves vary, so it’s important to select the appropriate gloves for the intended use. This helps avoid unnecessary damage to the gloves, thus prolonging their lifespan.

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