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Working gloves are important part of PPEs required for hand protection. Thus, AIBON has been manufacturing working gloves using a variety of materials to ensure durability. It is also designed with a wide range of coatings for an additional layer of protection.

At AIBON, we are providing the broadest selection of working gloves that will help you finish a task confidently and safely. Whether you are a retailer or wholesaler, AIBON is your best working glove supplier. We offer working gloves with low MOQ and competitive prices to support your business. Send us your inquiries today!

Working Gloves by Feature

  • Disposable. The disposable gloves are widely used for hygienic purposes. It provides protection against contamination in food industries, medical, cleanroom, and more. These gloves are lightweight and cost-effective.
  • Heavy-Duty. With its material construction such as stainless-steel mesh and thick cloth, the heavy-duty gloves are widely known for its durability and strength. It offers excellent puncture and abrasion resistance for maximum protection.
  • Excellent Grip. Working gloves with excellent grip feature is widely used for electrical, scaffolding, and more construction applications. These are designed with fabric panels to ensure wet protection.
  • Thin. Working gloves made from thin materials are specifically designed with greater dexterity. Thus, it is commonly used by personnel in healthcare facilities, production lines, food industries, and more. These gloves are available in reusable or disposable options.
  • Padded. Padded work gloves are usually used for applications where constant vibration from a machine is present. It can also be used handling goods in a warehouse.

Materials Used in Manufacturing Working Gloves

Below are the different materials we used for working glove production.

  • Nylon. This base material offers excellent hand protection for different workplaces. It also guarantees maximum comfort.
  • Nitrile. Working gloves made from nitrile material are widely used for hygienic purposes.
  • PVC or Latex. These materials are commonly used for the production of disposable gloves.
  • Leather. Leather working glove is specifically designed for heavy-duty applications.

Common Working Glove Types

Mechanic gloves. Working gloves used for mechanic applications are designed with durability. These are manufactured using fabric-based material such as elastane or nylon. Thus, providing a better dexterity and fitting. It features excellent grip, improved resilience, breathability, and excellent abrasion resistance.

Aircrew gloves. These gloves are used by flight crew to protect their hands from cold. It is designed with enhanced grip, water resistance, and flame resistance. Aircrew gloves are manufactured using leather materials.

Waterproof gloves. Our waterproof gloves are designed to keep the hands warm and dry. Thus, providing protection against wet conditions.

Anti-vibration gloves. Overexposure to machine vibrations can lead to serious health issues. Thus, AIBON designed gloves to properly shield the hands from constant vibration caused by the moving machine. These gloves are thickly padded and durable. It also provides maximum protection against general tear, sharp edges, abrasion, and more.

Chemical-resistant gloves. With these gloves, the wearer’s hands are protected against spills, exposure, or leakage of harmful chemicals. Common materials used for the production of these gloves are natural latex, neoprene, nitrile, and more.

Electrical Shock Resistant gloves. It is commonly referred to as non-conductive gloves. Meaning, it can protect the user from voltages and currents. Thus, making it ideal for handling different electrical systems.

Fingerless gloves. These gloves are commonly used for industries such as food processing, general manufacturing, laboratories, and more.

Warehouse gloves. Gloves used for warehousing is commonly designed with padding. Thus, it can provide maximum dexterity and comfort.

Construction gloves.  These gloves are widely used for heavy-duty tasks due to its cut and puncture resistance. It can also be designed with weatherproof resistance when used for outdoor tasks.

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Benefits of Using Working Gloves

  • Abrasion protection
  • Cut resistance
  • Heat protection
  • Flexible fit
  • Absorbs perspiration
  • Chemical resistant
  • Liquid resistant
  • Strong grip
  • Provides warmth
  • Comfortable to use

Choosing Accurate Glove Sizes

Before purchasing, make sure that your working gloves are the right size to fit different hand measurements. To know the size, just measure the hand circumference and refer to the size chart below.

  • 5-inches = XXXS
  • 6-inches = XXS
  • 7-inches = XS
  • 8-inches = S
  • 9-inches = M
  • 10-inches = L
  • 11-inches = XL
  • 12-inches = XXL
  • 13-inches = XXXL

Standards Complied

  • EN420
  • EN388
  • EN374
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