• Allergy Free gloves
  • Allergy Free gloves
  • Allergy Free gloves
  • Allergy Free gloves
  • Allergy Free gloves
  • Allergy Free gloves
  • Allergy Free gloves
  • Allergy Free gloves
  • Allergy Free gloves
  • Allergy Free gloves

Allergy Free Gloves

Allergy-free gloves are developed to prevent possible skin allergic reactions. It contains materials or substances that stop or avoid skin irritation. Aibon manufactures allergy-free gloves ideal for people with sensitive complexion. Using different materials, we are developing all types of allergy-free gloves.

  • Latex-free and powder-free
  • Puncture resistance
  • Accelerator-free
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Anti-UV radiation

Custom Allergy-free Gloves Supplier in China

Skin allergies and hypersensitivity usually developed due to repeated use of gloves. Aibon supplies allergy-free gloves made from materials that prevent any type of allergies. Our glove can eliminate skin irritations such as blistering, dry hands, eczema, psoriasis, and more.

Aibon allergy-free gloves have great resistance against puncture and tear. It is lightweight allowing the hand to feel objects such as syringes. Our allergy-free gloves have textured edges and a strong grip. It provides strong protection against harmful substances and chemicals.

We are developing allergy-free gloves in different colors and sizes. Our company also manufactures allergy-free gloves for a specific application you require. You can message us anytime!

Types of Allergy-free Gloves We Produce

Tencel allergy-free gloves: made from natural Tencel. Materials are soft to the skin. It is perfect for preventing bacterial growth and moisture.

Bamboo allergy-free gloves: bamboo is a latex-free material. It is cold to the skin and comfortable to use.

Cotton allergy-free gloves: lightweight. It is made from 100% cotton materials.

Neoprene allergy-free gloves: it is suitable for all types of skin conditions.

Nitrile allergy-free gloves: These types of gloves are ideal for severe skin allergies.

Allergy Free Gloves

Aibon Allergy-Free Gloves Types and Uses

Nitrile allergy-free gloves

Homecare and janitorial task

Chemical manufacturer

Food processing and hospital

Gardening and beauty salons

Tattooing and painting

Decorating and floristry

Vinyl allergy-free gloves

Clinical duties and care homes

General use

Decorating and printing

Dentistry and Healthcare

Neoprene allergy-free gloves

Cleaning and diving

Automotive use

Drilling and construction

Mining and maintenance

Cotton allergy-free gloves

Home cleaning

Winter use gloves

Ideal for easily irritated hands

Bamboo allergy-free gloves

Handling photos, artwork, etc.

Gardening and cleaning

Allergy-free Gloves Process

Allergy-free gloves run through multiple processes to remove all substances that cause allergies. It is to ensure that our allergy-free gloves are safe to use and chemical-free. Our gloves are processed by:

  • Chlorination
  • Coating with a polymer
  • Polyurethane coating
  • Leaching/washing
  • Low derma technology
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