• Anti-Static Gloves
  • Anti-Static Gloves
  • Anti-Static Gloves
  • Anti-Static Gloves
  • Anti-Static Gloves
  • Anti-Static Gloves
  • Anti-Static Gloves
  • Anti-Static Gloves
  • Anti-Static Gloves
  • Anti-Static Gloves

Anti-Static Gloves

The anti-static gloves are also known as ESD gloves. They are designed to lessen possible electrostatic impacts. This impact is formed through static electricity dispense. Using gloves with anti-static features will protect your hands from electronic components. That includes quickly impaired circuit boards. Moreover, the gloves must be with the following characteristics.

  • Ergonomic palm style
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Coated fingers
  • Great elasticity
  • Comfortable to wear during work
  • High efficient
  • Excellent fit

Custom Anti-Static Gloves Manufacturer in China

AIBON expertly manufactures custom gloves with static resistance properties. We typically made them from conductive fibers – elements that resist static electricity development. Additionally, their seamless designs provide comfort and lasting service life. However, gloves with added features for your business or projects are available. 

Our company is among the trusted glove manufacturers in China. We can produce a comprehensive range of anti-static gloves of any size and color. Other than that, our R&D team can design high-quality ones that suit your budget and applications. We are always ready to help you find solutions for your static-resistant glove requirements. 

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Custom Anti-Static Materials for Gloves

AIBON designs static-resistant gloves made from numerous materials, including the following.

  • Latex: It is an affordable material utilized for anti-static gloves. But not recommended for those with latex allergies.
  • Vinyl: Perfect alternative for those who have latex sensitivities. Ant-static, anti-puncture, and durable.
  • Fabric: Reusable static-resistant gloves. Cost saving than disposable ones.
  • Nitrile: A synthetic latex material significantly resists static electricity effects.
Custom Anti-Static Materials for Gloves

When & Where To Use Anti-Static Gloves

Gloves with anti-static properties are suitable for the following works and situations.

  • Assembling exclusive PC
  • Jewelry-related tasks
  • Repairing or improving smartphones
  • Packaging that requires accuracy
  • Chemical fields
  • PCB manufacturing processes
  • Mechanical-related projects
  • Operating with electronic components

Factors to Consider When Selecting ESD Gloves

When choosing the best anti-static gloves for your business or specific usages, you can consider the following factors.

  • If the employees are latex-sensitive
  • Typical utilized chemicals in work areas
  • How chemicals affect on gloves
  • General gloves’ application
  • High electrical resistance range
  • Gloves’ price and lasting service
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