• Arc Flash Gloves
  • Arc Flash Gloves
  • Arc Flash Gloves
  • Arc Flash Gloves
  • Arc Flash Gloves
  • Arc Flash Gloves
  • Arc Flash Gloves
  • Arc Flash Gloves
  • Arc Flash Gloves
  • Arc Flash Gloves

Arc Flash Gloves

Aibon arc flash gloves are manufactured to make maintenance and electrical operations safe and secure. It is applicable for machinery, general construction, and electrical panel maintenance. Our arc flash gloves are also used for landscaping, agriculture, and forestry.

  • High-level cut protection
  • Composed of 100% durable rubber
  • ISO-certified
  • Enhance arc flash resistance
  • Made from compound formulation

Custom Arc Flash Gloves Manufacturer in China

great durability to perform in any condition. Punctures, abrasion, and sharp objects cant penetrate our arc flash gloves. Accidents and arc flashes are easily avoided using our arc flash gloves.

Our company carries a wide option for arc flash gloves. It is available in all class protection levels, sizes, and colors. We are manufacturing NFPA-rated, HRC-rated, and CAT-rated arc flash gloves. Our arc flash gloves provide a great and safe grip and long-lasting performance. It has strong insulation against flame and heat.

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Aibon Arc Flash Gloves Advantages

  • 40,000V protection
  • Water and wear-resistant
  • High-temperature protection
  • Robust construction
  • Reduces hand fatigue
  • Easy to use
  • Made from lightweight materials
  • Firm grip in both wet and dry use
  • Resistant against cuts
  • Avoid abrasion and burns
  • Maximum durability
  • High insulation
Arc Flash gloves

Aibon Arc Flash Gloves Applications

Electrical equipment testing

Our arc flash gloves are ideal for electrical troubleshooting. It protects hands from electrical sparks and arcs.

Electrical maintenance

For high-voltage operation, using arc flash gloves is necessary. It is capable of protecting electric professionals from burns and damage.


In manufacturing industries, large and multiple electrical systems are used. Aibon arc flash gloves can protect workers against any potential hazards

Power supply

To prevent electrocution, arc flash gloves are used by electricians.


Engineers and workers who operate in electrical areas used arc flash gloves for safety.

Industries We Provide

Aibon develops arc flash gloves for all operations. You can order us arc flash gloves for specific use. We are capable of customizing your product with your required designs. Our company develops arc flash gloves for:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Use
  • Mining Construction
  • Building Construction
  • And more.

Types Of Arc Flash Gloves We Produce

Rubber-insulating arc flash gloves: these gloves are bulky and made from rubber. It is strong against shock. We are using rubber materials approved by international standards.

Non-rubber arc flash gloves: these gloves are made from nylon, aramid, glass, and more. It passed through multiple treatments like Indura.

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