How Heavy are Boxing Gloves?

Having well-fitting boxing gloves is important not only for your safety but also for comfort. Whether you are an experienced boxer or not, you need to ensure that your boxing gloves are the right weight and size.

Boxing Glove Weights

Boxing Gloves
Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves offer you a wide range of options to choose from. These weights can range from as low as 2oz to as high as 20oz.

When choosing boxing gloves, keep in mind that your physical size is a major determining factor for your weight. For instance, if you weigh more than 90kg, it’s safer to choose boxing gloves that are 14oz and over.

On the other hand, if you weigh around 64kg, boxing gloves between 10oz and 12oz would be ideal.

As you can see, your gender doesn’t determine your choice. However, it’s worth noting that the size of your hand, as a separate entity, could also be a good determinant of the size of the glove you wear. Generally, women have smaller hands, so they often require smaller boxing gloves.

Talking of sizes of boxing gloves, let’s find out more below:

Boxers in the Ring
Boxers in the Ring
  • 2oz: These kinds of boxing gloves are mostly used by children below the age of 4 years.
  • 4oz: Designed to be used by children aged 4 to 5 years.
  • 6oz: You are likely to spot this kind of boxing glove among young athletes.
  • 8oz: People weighing 45kg and below can comfortably wear 8oz boxing gloves.
  • 10 oz to 12 oz: These boxing gloves are suitable for people below 46 kg.
  • 12 oz to 14 oz: If your weight ranges from 16 kg to 68 kg, then these are the right boxing gloves for you.
  • 14 oz to 16 oz: People weighing from 69 kg to 80 kg should consider this size of boxing gloves.
  • 16 oz to 18 oz: These are heavy boxing gloves, so they are suitable for anyone weighing over 80kg.
  • 20 oz to 24 oz: These kinds of boxing gloves are heavy and can be uncomfortable for most people to use, including heavy people. However, sometimes heavyweight boxers might use them for sparring and training.

Choosing the Right Boxing Gloves

Purchasing the right boxing glove requires you to take the correct hand measurements, focusing on your palm and knuckle area. Use a tape measure to get measurements of the widest part, excluding your thumb.

More often than not, your sellers or brands will have their size chart. Use it to determine the actual boxing glove size that you need.

Standard Size for Boxing Gloves

The standard sizes of boxing gloves vary based on their use. The range is from 12oz to 16oz maximum. For example, if you intend to use it in the gym, 16oz is the standard size.

Standard Dimension for Boxing Gloves
Standard Dimension for Boxing Gloves

Adjusting Weight Boxing Gloves

Once they are produced, it’s hard to adjust the weight or size of boxing gloves. However, you can always have your manufacturer adjust the weight for you. They do this by increasing or reducing the padding of the boxing gloves.

With this information, you can certainly choose the right boxing gloves for your training or competitive sport.

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