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Injury statistics for the mining industry can far exceed those of other heavy industries. Miners often work in extreme, cramped and dark conditions for long hours, so we highly recommend heavy-duty impact gloves with shock-absorbing palm pods to prevent or mitigate The severity of injuries that often occur, the back of the hand is fitted with Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) to prevent impact, the most impact-resistant gloves, with high dexterity, the glove flexes to reduce hand fatigue and overcome hazards due to collisions

  • Lightweight and flexible design
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Excellent breathability
  • High resistance properties
  • Proven and tested functionality
  • Customizable upon customers’ request
Crush Proof Mining Mechanic Gloves
AIB-CPM-01 Crush Proof Mining Mechanic Gloves
Anti-slip Palm Meta Mining Impact Gloves
AIB-APMM-02 Anti-slip Palm Meta Mining Impact Gloves
Multifunction Mining Hand Gloves
AIB-MM-03 Multifunction Mining Hand Gloves
Touch Screen Mining Gloves
AIB-TSM-04 Touch Screen Mining Gloves
Heavy-Duty Mining Protective Gloves
AIB-HDM-05 Heavy-Duty Mining Protective Gloves
PVC Dotted Mining Safety Gloves
AIB-PDM-06 PVC Dotted Mining Safety Gloves
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Trustworthy Mining Gloves Manufacturer in China - AIBON

As business owners, we need to provide protective conditions for workers, whether it is the head or hands. Faced with the complexity of the mining working environment, we need to choose a high-strength miner’s gloves to meet the protection of workers. This special needs miner’s glove with TPR (thermoplastic rubber) on the back of the glove to protect the thumb and back of the fingers from impact with these synthetic leather gloves. Highly reflective padded knuckle straps provide visibility in dark conditions. The extra-long, abrasion-resistant smooth synthetic suede palm offers more protection than other mechanics gloves and is designed for professionals. These mechanical gloves have been thoroughly tested on the job and in the laboratory and meet and exceed all industry standards.

AIBON produces mining gloves that meet higher standards of performance and sustainability. We build it with the highest quality materials, making it extremely durable and long-lasting. With our combined experience and professional product knowledge, we are confident in providing unique designs and configurations to meet your major project developments and needs. Our team is always committed to creating unique changes in our target markets and industries.

Welcome your consultation to provide you with more economical cost production of mining gloves. Your customized needs are also welcome, please let us know your needs so that we can listen, understand, and handle them.

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Different Mining Glove Coatings and Characteristics


Crush Proof Mining Mechanic Gloves
  • Offers the best security and safety.
  • Has long-lasting flexibility and a high level of agility for optimal use.
  • Can be machine-washed and reusable several times.
  • Superior gripping performance in dry, wet, oily, light, or tough working conditions.
Anti-slip Palm Meta Mining Impact Gloves
  • Powerful abrasion-resistant performance.
  • Lightweight and provides excellent wearing comfort.
  • Allows easy operation with powered tools and equipment.
  • Sturdy protection from mechanical injury and electrical shocks.
Multifunction Mining Hand Gloves
  • Made with a durable added reinforced wear palm patch.
  • Has a stretchable wrist that keeps out dirt, dust, debris and any outside objects.
  • Gives better fit and movement freedom.
  • Easy to wear and take off.
Touch Screen Mining Gloves
  • Capable of touching your mobile phones. or tablets without taking the gloves off.
  • Wear-resisting and excellent elasticity function.
  • Double stitched and flexible utility gloves for multiple use.
Heavy-Duty Mining Protective Gloves
  • Easy to hang and not easy to slide.
  • Durable double-layered microfiber composition.
  • Highly compatible and has an ergonomic fit.
  • Deliver perfect grip, strength, and endurance.
PVC Dotted Mining Safety Gloves
  • Dotted coatings provide a better grip on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • Features breathability and warmth retention to hands.
  • Safe to hand and does not produce skin allergies or infections.
  • Extremely comfortable, even for more extended use.


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Mining gloves are a set of gloves that may be bought from the AIBON company. You can purchase from us with your different custom designs, please send mail to

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