Oil and Gas Gloves

Oil and Gas Gloves

  • Acid Resistant PVC Glove
  • Anti-slip PVC Glove
  • NBR PVC Glove
  • Impact Protection Gloves
  • Abrasion- and Impact-Resistant Gloves
  • Acid Resistant PVC Glove
  • Anti-slip PVC Glove
  • NBR PVC Glove
  • Impact Protection Gloves
  • Abrasion- and Impact-Resistant Gloves

Oil and Gas Gloves

For workers in the oil and gas industry, a suitable oil-resistant glove is essential on the job. Special oil-resistant and gas-resistant protective gloves are designed to protect against various conditions encountered in oil drilling, refining, transportation, and related activities. Dangerous protection. They are critical to ensuring the safety and health of workers who may be exposed to heat, chemicals, oils, and other hazardous substances in their work environments.

  • Protect worker’s hands from hazardous materials & extreme temperatures
  • Come in various sizes, colors, styles, and custom finishes
  • Made from a variety of rubber materials
  • Full customization based on your requests


Custom Oil and Gas Gloves Manufacturer in China

If you’re looking for reliable and comfortable protection when working in hazardous environments, then AIBON’s oil and gas gloves are a great choice. We supply gloves with ergonomic features to promote comfort & reduce fatigue. They are designed to fit snugly to provide a secure grip and to allow for maximum dexterity & ease of movement.

Oil and gas gloves come with multiple features such as reinforced palms, PVC oil-proof, abrasion-resistant fingertips, and breathable lining, plus you can ask for complete customization of the gloves as per your exact requirements.

AIBON has built a reputation for producing high-quality oil and gas gloves for over a decade. The gloves we offer comply with the strictest safety standards and regulations. Contact us for more details!

Why Use AIBON Gloves

  • Heat resistance – Oil and gas gloves are designed to be flame-resistant and protect from temperatures up to 500°F.
  • Chemical resistance – Our gloves protect against common chemicals used in the oil and gas industry.
  • Cut protection – Oil and gas gloves can be created with a reinforced layer of material to protect hands from sharp objects & cuts.
  • Comfort – Designed to be lightweight and flexible, allowing for maximum comfort & dexterity when working in the oil and gas industry.
  • Durability – Highly durable & can last longer than traditional gloves.
Oil and Gas Gloves

Oil and Gas Gloves High-Quality Materials


Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are widely used in the oil and gas industry for a variety of tasks, including providing protection during hazardous material handling, maintenance work, & other activities in industrial environments. Nitrile gloves are widely preferred due to their superior strength, dexterity, and chemical & puncture resistance.

They also provide more tactile sensitivity than other types of gloves. This is especially important in the oil and gas industry, where precision & accuracy are of the utmost importance.

These gloves also offer excellent protection against a range of acids, caustics, and hazardous materials. And they can be used in high-temperature environments without breaking down or deteriorating.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves protect workers from hazardous materials, chemicals, & other substances that may be encountered on the job. They provide a barrier between the skin and any hazardous materials the worker may come into contact with. Examples of latex gloves used in the oil and gas industry include chemical-resistant gloves, heat-resistant gloves, & heavy-duty gloves.

PVC Gloves

PVC gloves are often thicker than other types of gloves, providing increased protection & durability. The PVC material also offers excellent resistance to oils, acids, & other harsh chemicals. The gloves are also available with a variety of coatings or liners, such as nitrile, neoprene, and others, for added protection & comfort. 

Quality Certifications

AIBON’s range of oil and gas gloves meet certain safety requirements to be certified for use in the industry. Some common quality certifications include EN388, EN374, etc.  

If you have specific gloves requirements, please talk to us! 

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