Printing Gloves

Printing Gloves

Custom Printing Gloves Manufacturer in China

Aibon manufactures and designs a wide range of protective gloves for printing. Printing job involves machinery and chemical use. So, it may present various risks to your hands. At Aibon, we created printing gloves that provide a high level of protection. Thus, harsh chemicals and dangerous substances will be prevented when wearing this hand protective glove.

Whether you need reliable printing gloves for your printing service or small business, Aibon has the solution. We can provide printing gloves in numerous sizes, colors, and materials. And we can customize them according to your preferences.

Contact us today! We have a professional sales team to assist with all your needs.

Our Range of Printing Gloves

  • Chemical-Resistant Gloves
    Chemical-Resistant Gloves

    Our chemical-resistant printing gloves are designed to prevent direct contact with oil, ink, and grease. It comes with a cuff design to avoid the penetration of liquid.

  • Cut Protection Gloves
    Cut Protection Gloves

    Aibon cut protection gloves are ideal protective equipment for fingers and hands. It can keep your hand from various injuries like deep cuts and lacerations.

  • Abrasion- and Impact-Resistant Gloves
    Abrasion- and Impact-Resistant Gloves

    These gloves are ideal hand protection tools that prevent potential abrasions due to the pressing tool’s cumbersome use in printing jobs.

  • Vibration-Resistant Gloves
    Vibration-Resistant Gloves

    Aibon vibration protective gloves absorb various impacts. Thus, it can minimize energy vibration transferred to your hands.

  • Solvent-Resistant Gloves
    Solvent-Resistant Gloves

    Our solvent-resistant gloves allow you to manipulate chemicals without any risks. They are also suitable for water-based chemicals.

Choose Your Material

  • Nitrile
    • Latex-free
    • Ideal for body piercers and tattooists
    • Various sizes
  • Vinyl
    • Improved feel and sensitivity
    • Compliant with EN standards
    • Food-approved
  • PVC
    • Chemical-resistant
    • Suitable for grease, fats, and oil
    • Various colors available

Main Features

  • Our printing gloves are designed with beaded cuffs. This feature makes our gloves easy to pull on and resistant to tear.
  • Designed with a gauntlet-style cuff that provides a high level of protection.
  • 13 inches in length
  • 30 mil thickness
Printing Gloves

One Stop Gloves OEM Manufacturer

AIBON provides a one-stop gloves OEM soulution for our customers, we won't let you down!
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