Roofing Gloves

Roofing Gloves

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  • Roofing Gloves
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  • Roofing Gloves

Roofing Gloves

When fixing roofs, chances of sharper and heavier tools are possible. Aside from that, you may deal with different threats or risks, especially those that might damage your hands. Wearing sturdy hand safety gear such as roofing gloves is necessary in that situation. As it protects your hands from any accidental injuries caused by edged roof objects. 

To secure your safety, you need to use special gloves that enable long-lasting protection. These roofing gloves from AIBON are great as they protect your hands. It also exhibits unmatched durability, puncture resistance, and grip performance for handling roofing materials at a higher elevation. Wearing these roofing gloves ensures all-day comfort and anti-skin burn while working.

Custom Roofing Gloves Manufacturer in China

You can experience an extraordinary performance brought by our high-quality roofing gloves. Using state-of-the-art technologies and advanced production techniques, we can create freshly innovative safety gloves that correspond to your general specifications and expectations. We ensure that it possesses distinctive properties that typical gloves do not. 

We can also custom-make roofing gloves based on your designs. You can choose whatever materials, exact dimensions, coatings, and colors you prefer for your roofing gloves. You will design them, and we will customize them for you!

For decades in the industry, AIBON has become trusted by customers locally and internationally. We will immediately deliver you different varieties of roofing gloves every time you need them. 

Need to learn more about AIBON’s glove products and services? Please do not hesitate to reach us anytime!

Roofing Gloves Care Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance visibly contributes to extending the lifespan and appearance of roofing gloves. 

You must have regularly inspected your glove before and after using it.

When your roofing gloves are solid nylon, kevlar, and cotton-made, they are suitable for machine washing. For leather and rubber material, it suggests handwashing.

Cleaning your roofing gloves, using water and ordinary detergents is fine, and avoid putting any harsh chemicals formulas as they may destroy your gloves quickly.

Roofing Gloves Care Maintenance
Nitrile Foam Coating
  • It does not contain any latex proteins
  • Three times stronger than natural rubber
  • Excellent resistance to tears, abrasion, and punctures
  • Good grip, dexterity, and tactility
  • Extremely thin and durable
  • Prevents cause of any allergic reaction to the skin
Latex Coated 
  • Soft and flexible
  • Perfect on hold and anti-slip experience
  • Resist higher temperatures and working circumstances.
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Flexible but not tactile
Polyurethane Coated
  • Best stretch and flexibility
  • High resistance to all kinds of liquids
  • Excellent heat resistance as well
Neoprene Coating
  • Great chemical stability and heat resistance
  • Provides ideal grip performance for dry, oily, and wet

Common Roofing Gloves Types

The following are the most common types of roofing gloves accessible to our factory and the markets.

Leather Gloves
  • Leather roofing gloves are incredibly the best to use in terms of doing professional roofing tasks as it exhibits extraordinary toughness and durability. This protective hand gear works very well against cuts and punctures. 
Lined Gloves
  • These gloves provide advantages in improving the gear’s ability when handling possible risks associated with roofing. Lined roofing gloves are known for being multipurpose. It offers additional comfort and warmth to your hand, plus protection against impact and injury. 
Reversible Gloves
  • The other roofing gloves come in a thumb pattern on gloves on both sides. And they are wearable on either of your hands. Wearing these are effectively helpful in enhancing your working productivity.
Clute Cut Gloves
  • These gloves come from flannel materials. In this kind of roofing gloves, the palms in the gloves come in a seam-free single-piece design. Moreover, they provide hand protection with extra comfort and convenience. 
Gunn Cut Gloves
  • Gunn-cut roofing gloves help eliminate exposed seams where palm wear frequently occurs.

Factors Considering When Selecting Gloves for Roofing

  • Safety Levels 

The level of safety for roofing gloves may depend on the quality of materials used for production. If roofing gloves are made from heavy-duty materials, no doubt it can endure all the hazards found in your working environments. However, no matter what materials we use for our roofing gloves, we guarantee they will give the highest level of safety. 

  • Overall Design

A series of our roofing gloves come in different styles. At AIBON, you can choose any gloves you like. We can also offer customization services, like designing them based on your original styles and designs. 

We also ensure it possesses all the distinct features and qualities that meet your expectations. 

  • Size and Fit

Selecting a pair of roofing gloves that are accurate to your size is of utmost significance. It gives absolute comfort and aids in preventing unpleasant issues while working on your tasks.

AIBON offers different roofing glove sizes that suit your hands well. 

  • Versatility 

There’s also an advantage of having multipurpose gloves. Aside from being functional in roof repair and installation, this is also useful in dealing with other houseworks. 

AIBON roofing gloves are also durable to use for mechanical and industrial works.

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