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Sterile Gloves

AIBON Sterile Gloves are made to provide exceptional protection, comfort, and quality. They meet high standards of hygiene and safety, making ideal in critical healthcare settings. Our gloves are also designed to meet rigorous demands of healthcare professionals, offering reliable protection against contamination & infections.

  • Free from microorganisms & pathogens
  • Reduce the risk of infection
  • Better consistency and quality
  • Improved tactile sensitivity
  • Available in convenient packaging

Custom Sterile Gloves Manufacturer in China

Choose AIBON to supply your custom sterile gloves requirements. We offer many different colors, thickness, and glove designs at reasonable costs.

Our facility is equipped with advanced manufacturing technologies that enable us to produce custom gloves with exceptional precision. This ensures that our customers receive gloves that meet their exact specifications and the highest quality.

With us, be confident we provide guidance and support throughout the process –from initial design to final production.

We are excited to working with you! Please leave us a message.

Sterile Gloves Key Features

Sterility: Guaranteed to be free from microorganisms that could cause infection. They are sterilized using advanced technologies to ensure complete sterility. Also, they are packaged in a sterile environment.

Extreme Durability: Designed to be long-lasting, providing reliable protection throughout their use.

Flexibility: Made to be flexible and conformable, allowing healthcare professionals to perform procedures with precision and accuracy.

Grip Design: Our sterile gloves are designed with a textured surface to provide a secure grip, even in wet or slippery conditions.

Sterile Gloves
MaterialLatex, Nitrile, Vinyl, Neoprene
SterilizationGamma Irradiation or ETO
ColorWhite or Colored
Size RangeXS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Cuff TypeBeaded, Rolled, or Straight
Thickness4-8 mils (depending on material and size)
CertificationCE, FDA, ISO
Packaging1 pair/bag, 50 pairs/box, 10 boxes/case
Shelf Life3-5 years (depending on material)
AQL1.5 or lower
Textured SurfaceYes
Sterility Assurance Level10-6 or better

Where to Use Sterile Gloves

Sterile gloves are used in a variety of settings to prevent the transmission of microorganisms & pathogens. Here are some of the key areas:

Medical and healthcare settings: Particularly in the hospitals, clinics, and outpatient facilities. They are used by healthcare professionals during surgical procedures, examinations, and other medical procedures.

Laboratory settings: It is used laboratory settings where they are used to protect researchers and technicians from exposure to hazardous materials.

Food service industry: Food service workers wear gloves when preparing food, handling raw meats, and cleaning equipment.

Cleanroom environments: In cleanroom environments, they are used in conjunction with other personal protective equipment.

Beauty & salon industry: The gloves are used during procedures such as waxing and tattooing to prevent the spread of infection.

Rigorous Inspections for Guaranteed Quality

To ensure the highest quality of sterile gloves, rigorous inspections are conducted at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Raw material inspection: Before manufacturing begins, the raw materials used to make sterile gloves are inspected. This includes testing for purity, strength, and consistency.

Production line inspection: During the production process, gloves undergo numerous inspections. This includes monitoring for defects, such as pinholes and tears.

Sterilization validation: After the gloves are manufactured, they are sterilized using a validated process that ensures the complete elimination of microorganisms.

Final inspection: Before the sterile gloves are packaged & shipped, they undergo a final inspection. This includes testing for defects, such as holes or tears, and verifying that the gloves meet the required thickness and texture standards.

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