Tattoo Gloves

Tattoo Gloves

Custom Tattoo Gloves Manufacturer in China

If you have parlors for tattoos and need to maintain great hygiene and extreme cleanliness, then Aibon tattoo gloves are must-have equipment for you. Using protective gloves for tattoos has various advantages. One of their benefits is to protect you and your customers while working. Reduces disease transmission and possible causes of infections.

AIBON is a professional tattoo glove manufacturer in China for many years. Being a leading manufacturer in China, we understand every unique need of our clients. That’s why our design team produces tattoo gloves with a lot of variations to choose from. You can choose various sizes, colors, materials, lengths, and features. All can be customized according to your specifications.

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  • Tattoo Gloves
    Powdered Latex Tattoo Glove
    • Easy to wear and take off
    • Designed to absorb sweat
  • Un-powdered Tattoo Gloves
    Un-powdered Tattoo Gloves
    • Available in various sizes
    • Designed to meet all your needs

Why Choose Aibon

  • We manufacture all kinds of tattoo gloves that suit many tattoo artists.
  • We use excellent quality materials to provide our clients with more comfort and high protection while doing their jobs.
  • Our tattoo gloves come in different styles to meet every client’s requirements.
  • Our team can produce exam-grade tattoo gloves for more protection.
Why Choose Aibon

Gloves: Why Important for Tattoo Artists

The use of gloves for tattoo work is to protect the hands against contamination of ink. So, tattoo artists should have this type of glove. Aside from protecting hands from ink, tattoo gloves also provide protection while performing several duties, like the following:

  • Mixing color
  • Cleaning equipment

Moreover, as a responsible owner of a tattoo parlor, it should meet strict requirements for hygiene and sanitation. The only way to maintain great hygiene is to wear tattoo gloves. It helps to prevent the following:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Other particles that may enter the bloodstream of clients

The tattoo gloves ensure that the artists can safely touch the skin of their customers. Allowing them to operate without worrying about viruses, dirt, and bacteria spreading.

Things to Consider When Choosing Tattoo Gloves

Disposable gloves must be worn by tattoo artists according to their profession. Whether it is washable or disposable, tattoo gloves should use rarely.

Regardless of its quality and reliability, general hygiene must be prioritized. Using disposable tattoo gloves can reduce cross-contamination.

For comfort and durability, nitrile materials are the best. It can provide a high level of protection. For inexpensive options, you can choose industrial-grade tattoo gloves. It has excellent tear- and rip-resistant.

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