Washable Gloves

Washable Gloves

Custom Washable Gloves Manufacturer in China

AIBON washable gloves are made unique! Excellently washable, disinfectable, and durable water-repellent. These types of gloves offer superior breathability, allowing you to experience pleasurable comfort and feeling while wearing them for a longer time. Most industries highly acknowledge our washable gloves due to their distinctive composition and qualities. They showcase extraordinary resistance, especially to detergents and washing chemicals.

  • Reusable and high strength
  • Versatile and ergonomically designed
  • Multifunctional, well-fitted, and soft
  • Both hand and machine wash
  • Long-lasting quality and lifespan
  • Not easily get worn out, even for extended use
Breathable Planting Washable Gloves
Breathable Planting Washable Gloves
  • Portable and breathable.
  • A base made of knit for a cozy fit.
  • Keep your hands dry and cool.
Anti-Impact Industrial Washable Gloves
Anti-Impact Industrial Washable Gloves
  • Flexibility and breathability.
  • Moisture absorption.
  • Grip/Non-slip.
Washable Flexible Automotive Work Gloves
Washable Flexible Automotive Work Gloves
  • Comfortable.
  • High performance.
  • Microfiber/Breathable.
Household Cleaning Gloves For Dish Washing
Household Cleaning Gloves for Dish Washing
  • Low in water-soluble proteins.
  • No chemical residue.
  • Harmless to human bodies.
Washable Cowhide Golf Gloves
Washable Cowhide Golf Gloves
  • High quality.
  • Soft comfortable feel.
  • Custom sizes.
Washable Lint Free Jewelry Clean Gloves
Washable Lint Free Jewelry Clean Gloves
  • Breathable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Soft and microfiber gloves.
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Washable Gloves Suitable Uses

Our washable gloves are useful for:

  • General household chores
  • Gardening
  • Shop works
  • Janitorial purposes
  • General cleaning
  • Food processing
  • Catering trade
  • Packaging 
Washable Gloves Suitable Uses

AIBON - China’s Leading Washable Gloves Manufacturer

AIBON is worlds’ leader in the design and production of washable gloves. A range of our products are manufactured in accordance with the FDA and EU-approved materials. We aim to develop and innovate the finest gloves style. That comfort as a sustainable and accessible to all. We dedicate our 100% attention to producing bespoke and custom gloves as a response to customers’ demands. Our team ensures that all washable gloves are stringently tested to the latest safety and quality standard. 

With the help of our professional R&D and engineering team, we are able to evaluate your customization requests – from the materials, sizes, styles, colors, etc. Please allow us to know your detailed design by giving us your message or calls.

Washable Gloves Care Instructions

The following are some basic ways on how to take good care of your washable gloves.

  1. Soak your gloves in a clean water and soap mixture for a few minutes.
  2. Look for a safe area to hang and dry up your gloves.
  3. After dry, place your gloves in a dry and clean area. It is helpful to prevent and get rid of contaminants. 
  4. Before using, check your glove first if there is tear, picture, or discoloration. This helps to prevent glove misuse and accidents.

Where to Find the Best Washable Gloves?

In China, AIBON actively provides top-quality washable gloves and related safety products at a very economical cost.

We become the largest supplier in different markets not just in China but in foreign countries and regions. 

A wide selection of our washable gloves are designed to withstand continuous use.

Also, capable of delivering unmatched protection and performance in any range of industrial environments and conditions. 

If you avail our washable gloves, you can expect reasonable discounts, secured packaging, and just-in-time delivery. 

In conclusion, for all your washable gloves needs, AIBON is always the best solution!

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