8 Must Have Features For Warehouse Work Gloves

Workers in warehouses spend their days operating machinery and moving heavy goods, exposing them to a higher risk of hand injuries than the average person. The impact of these injuries can be significant, making it crucial to have a tool that can protect your hands in this environment. Without a doubt, gloves are your best choice.

Because the performance requirements for gloves vary from person to person, it’s important to pay attention to eight key features when choosing gloves for warehouse work:

Padding Protection

Different gloves have different types of padding to prevent daily hazards in warehouse work. Generally, gloves may have rubber, nylon, or PVC padding. Ideally, gloves should have padding on both the front and back to better protect vulnerable areas like the knuckles.

Cold Resistance

If you’re working in a refrigerated warehouse, you’ll need gloves that can withstand sub-zero temperatures and provide warmth.


While not essential for everyone, waterproofing is indispensable for those who need it. It provides moisture protection for your hands, preventing water from seeping in and compromising the glove’s functionality.


Flexibility is essential for those who need to handle small items. Gloves with good flexibility provide excellent hand sensitivity and dexterity, enhancing comfort.

Palm and Finger Grips

Warehouse gloves should not only help you get the job done but also assist you in doing it better. Patterned grip pads on the palm and fingertips can significantly improve your ability to handle products and machinery safely. They feature high-grip silicone patterns on both the palm and fingers.

High-Visibility Coloring

In many warehouses, high-visibility clothing for employees is a necessary safety measure to ensure visibility in dimly lit environments.

Reinforced Thumb Crotch

The thumb crotch of gloves often requires additional reinforcement because it undergoes more stretching than other areas. Therefore, gloves with reinforced thumb crotches are essential for better hand protection.

Touchscreen and Keyboard Functionality

As everything becomes digitized, warehouse staff are likely to use electronic touchscreens or keyboards to manage warehouse operations. If you have to remove your gloves to input data, hand protection becomes meaningless.

Choosing the Right Gloves

Preventing hand injuries is beneficial for everyone in the warehouse. The best way to reduce hand injuries is to use comfortable, sturdy, and durable work gloves. Aibon’s work gloves can help you work at your best.

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