Are Nitrile Gloves Latex Free

In today’s industry, gloves are crucial protective equipment. With the development of the times, nitrile gloves are widely used in daily life due to their absence of harmful substances such as proteins and hydroxyl chemicals.

Latex Gloves

Nitrile gloves are free

Nitrile gloves are made from a latex-free synthetic polymer known as nitrile rubber, abbreviated as NBR. These gloves have an extremely low allergy rate, affecting fewer than 1% of users, making them a low-allergenicity option.

Latex gloves can cause allergic reactions in individuals due to proteins present in natural rubber latex. The most common allergens include rubber alcohol (Hev b 1) and rubber vulcanizing enzyme (Hev b 8), leading to allergic responses in people.

HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has outlined potential symptoms of latex allergy, including redness of the skin, rashes, hives or itching, difficulty breathing, and wheezing. In very rare cases, anaphylactic shock or even death may occur.

For healthcare and medical professionals, this is a particularly serious issue. To avoid this situation, prevent patients from having allergic reactions to treatments, and reduce the risk of developing allergies themselves due to prolonged and frequent exposure to latex, they choose not to use items containing latex.

To ensure the prevention of unnecessary medical incidents, it is necessary to find alternatives to latex. Therefore, nitrile gloves have been developed as a substitute because they do not contain latex, making it easy to avoid such risks.

Why choose latex-free gloves?

Choosing latex-free gloves is primarily to avoid accidents caused by latex allergies and to prevent unnecessary troubles for yourself.

Protective chemicals

Due to the excellent material of nitrile gloves, they can effectively resist some chemicals, making them very suitable for work environments such as laboratory testing and chemical factories where hand contact with chemicals is required.

Puncture and tear protection

Compared to latex gloves, nitrile gloves, due to their thickness and the presence of butadiene in the glove material, offer better tear resistance and durability. This effectively prevents damage to the gloves from sharp objects, making them more suitable for environments such as construction sites and steel-related work.

Medical protection

Medical-grade nitrile gloves that comply with national standards can prevent direct contact between hands and drugs, and isolate microorganisms and bacteria, thereby avoiding unnecessary medical accidents.

Food safety protection

Nitrile gloves, due to their relatively smooth surface, are not prone to attracting dust, dirt, and other impurities, making it easier to maintain cleanliness. The molecular composition inside the gloves effectively prevents the penetration of moisture, oil, and other liquids. This makes them suitable for food handling and preparation, providing reliable protection for food safety.

Where to Buy Latex Free Nitrile Gloves

At this point, you may have come across numerous nitrile gloves on various platforms and search engines, some of questionable quality and origin, or obtained from supermarkets. However, with our experience of over ten years in the field of nitrile gloves, we can guide you on how to choose better-quality nitrile gloves, including checking their overall quality.

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