Neoprene Gloves: What They are and How to Use Them

Chloroprene rubber gloves are the optimal choice for professionals across multiple fields and specific requirements, as well as being commonly used by the general public. First, we must thoroughly understand this material, and you need to understand why chloroprene rubber gloves are particularly suitable for use in different situations and environments.

Chloroprene Rubber: What Is It?

Chloroprene rubber is a material made from high-performance elastomers. It is a synthetic rubber whose main component is chloroprene monomer (2-chloro-1,3-butadiene). It is typically prepared by copolymerization of ethylene and chlorine gas in the presence of a catalyst. It can also be named polychloroprene.

It emerged in the 1930s, during the development stage of synthetic rubber to the 1940s. The introduction of chloroprene rubber filled the market demand for a rubber material with high oil resistance. The launch of chloroprene rubber prompted progress and innovation in the rubber products industry, providing more durable and reliable material choices for many fields.

This material is highly flexible, so chloroprene rubber gloves are commonly used in various industrial and medical applications, possessing special properties such as waterproofing, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, and puncture resistance.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that our Aibon chloroprene rubber and latex gloves have a lightweight and comfortable wool lining, which can truly provide excellent protection against the aforementioned factors.

Chloroprene Rubber Gloves: Applications

There is no doubt that reusable chloroprene rubber and latex gloves are effective work gloves that can protect hands when handling acidic, corrosive, oily compounds, and other substances.

They are typically the safest choice for plumbers, electricians, mechanics, and animal handlers. Furthermore, they are widely used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Moreover, due to the characteristics of this material, they also possess corresponding low-temperature resistance and anti-freezing capabilities, so chloroprene rubber gloves and latex gloves can also provide excellent thermal protection in the coldest outdoor temperatures.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with Special Requirements

Chloroprene rubber gloves and latex gloves belong to the category of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and they need to comply with EU directives. Specifically, the corresponding certificates in the EU include the basic requirements that these gloves must meet for sale and use in the European market.

Chloroprene Rubber Gloves Await You

If you want to learn more about chloroprene rubber gloves, we can help you make the most appropriate assessment! We can provide you with the best solution based on your situation at any time.

At Aibon, we offer reusable chloroprene rubber and latex gloves with lightweight wool lining and textured exteriors, providing maximum comfort and ergonomics.

With our extensive experience in gloves, we are here whenever you need us. Remember, we’re here for you whenever you need us.

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