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Food safety has always been our top concern, and cleanliness not only represents a word, but also ensures the safety of everyone. Washing dishes is not only a household chore, but also a basic task in restaurants, cafes, and food-related establishments. At home, you might wash dishes barehanded, but in busy restaurant environments, with mountains of dirty dishes piling up, proper protection is essential. Without it, dishwashing becomes overwhelming, and it can have implications for hygiene and food safety.

If your hands are immersed in hot soapy water for a long time, the chemicals in the soap can disrupt the natural balance of oils on the skin, leading to increased or decreased oil secretion. This can cause wrinkling, dryness, roughness, itching, and in severe cases, symptoms like redness, itching, stinging, or rashes. Therefore, having gloves for washing dishes is inevitable for us.

The following article will introduce some functions and purposes of dishwashing gloves.

Role of Restaurant Dishwashers

An indispensable team member in restaurants is the back-of-house staff, who not only need to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the kitchen, but also need to effectively wash, clean, and sort the soiled dishes to ensure a continuous supply of clean tableware during service.

Of course, their responsibilities go far beyond this. They also need to organize the dishwashing area, maintain sink hygiene, keep the floor clean, and even in some cases, extend their skills to food preparation, thereby increasing the risk of cross-contamination and foodborne illnesses. Therefore, for safety reasons, choosing the best kitchen gloves is imperative.

Benefits of Using Dishwashing Gloves

In the catering industry, disposable gloves are generally required to protect employees and customers’ food safety. However, heavy-duty rubber gloves are also indispensable.

Skin Protection

Using warm or hot soapy water can remove the natural oils from your hands, leading to inflammation. Moreover, the chemicals in soap can be irritating to the skin, especially if the dishwashing liquid contains disinfectants, vinegar, ammonia, or bleaching agents. In extreme cases, hands may crack, suffer from chemical burns, redness, itching, and a series of other damages.

By wearing dishwashing gloves, you can protect your hands and skin from prolonged exposure to irritating ingredients in soap and hot water.

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Enhanced Grip

Dirty dishes are prone to slipping, especially when soaked in soapy water. Wearing heavy-duty dishwashing gloves can prevent dishes from slipping out of your hands during dishwashing, thus increasing your grip strength.


During the cleaning process, many bacteria, viruses, and pathogens are generated. The sponges and other tools used in the cleaning process may be full of pathogenic viruses. Wearing restaurant dishwashing gloves can protect you from these dangerous factors, and sometimes even from sharp fragments and shards that accidentally break off from dishes, preventing you from cuts and infections.


In the catering industry, especially during food service, cleanliness and hygiene are crucial for customers. This not only reassures customers but also provides you with a safe guarantee.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Dishwashing Gloves

Choosing durable gloves for restaurant dishwashing is of utmost importance. So how do you choose the right dishwashing gloves for you? Here are a few special considerations:


Size is an important factor to consider when buying anything. A proper glove size ensures flexibility and comfort for the wearer. Referring to the glove size guide when purchasing gloves can save you a lot of effort, otherwise it would be unthinkable.


Longer dishwashing gloves can keep your hands dry and prevent splashing water. They can also protect your hands and forearms from harmful chemicals. Therefore, length is also an important consideration when choosing dishwashing gloves.


Thicker gloves can better protect your hands vertically, but they are very cumbersome and lack flexibility.


Different materials (such as latex, silicone, rubber) have different levels of waterproofness and durability. You can also choose materials that do not contain potential allergens to prevent skin irritation.

If you are looking for the most suitable gloves for restaurant dishwashing, Aibon will be your best choice. We will solve all your problems regarding gloves.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations During dishwashing, your hands are subject to cuts, abrasions, and chemical exposure. Protecting your hands is crucial for seamless work and reliable task execution. Choose comfortable gloves, maintain them regularly, and always wear them when washing dishes.

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